Saturday, June 5, 2010

Isn't It Saturday?


Outside My Window~  It has been a bit humid lately.  Every once and a while a nice thunderstorm blows through.  My grass, garden and flowers sure do love that rain.  Must be some good nutrients in it!

I am thinking~ Still thinking and dreaming.  Something about Memorial Day weekend that really wakens the camping bug in me.  I'd sure love to have that little trailer all packed and ready to go.  With a fishing licence I's be all set to have a great weekend!

 From the kitchen~  It's sure has been hot and humid.  Cooking in my kitchen heats the house up about 5 degrees.  Trying to lay off using my stove.  Tonight we are having grilled chicken and a HUGE green salad. 

I am thankful for~   My husband, my family my pets.

 I am wearing~     My p.j.s  I'll soon be changing to a tank top and capri's. 

I am creating~   I went through school things the other day, cleaned out a garbage bag full of papers, old books and coloring books.  Got a bag full of things for the thrift store from our bookshelves.

I am going~ Not going anywhere today.  Alison is bringing her girls over here this morning while she visits the dentist.  I've spent two days with them this week already.  It's been nice. 

June' 10 005  

Baby Ariya 11 months old.

I am reading~  Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon was the last book I read.  I did them out of order.  I haven't read  A Common Life yet.  I thought it was strange to read about the wedding after they had already been married.  I really love this series of books.  I think my favorite so far has been Home to Holly Springs   

I am praying~ Always praying for wisdom.  Going through a time in our lives when we need so much wisdom from God....  unchartered territory. 

I am hearing~ Stacey Davids GEARZ show and shuffling in the garage... (( Don't ask me about this project.  It is a sore spot with me. )) This is manly man's progress of adding a 'power steering pump' in his Toyota project.

Toyota '07 004

(Toyota about 2006-2007)

May Toyota 020    

(Toyota June 2008)

June' 10 006

(Toyota June 2010)

June' 10 007

Making a paint booth in our garage for ANOTHER paint job.

Around the house~ Everything is fairly clean.  I vacuumed the other day.  I need to mop the kitchen...eventually.

A few plans for the weekend~  Our family is singing tomorrow morning.  Next week I think manly man will have a free day or two as he'll be working next weekend, and a few evenings this week.

Something to Share~   Sharing...more pictures from my yard.   

June' 10 004

Tomatoes already!

June' 10 001

I think this is a weed.  It came up all by itself.  Sure is...pretty.  I'm waiting to see what the flower will be before I remove this guy from the flower bed.

June' 10 002

Have a great weekend! 




  1. I do so enjoy these posts, however you are no doubt tired of my saying so every time you write one!

  2. I checked out that book today! I also checked out ALL her other books, The Bedside Companion, Holly Springs, A Continual Feast and even got the Recipe Book! Mine hasnt been delived yet, so I got anxious!!!

  3. What's the books you're reading now,about? That little girl is too cute!

  4. Ooooh, Beth! I want to go camping as well. I've got the bug, too. Can't wait to get my fishing license. I think I read the books out of order, too. It's difficult keeping up with the order of them, isn't it!?!

  5. @fbi_girl95 - It's still the same series of books abou the Episcopalian minister...there must between 10-15 in the series.  You should try them, you might like.  Have you and your sisters read any of the Series of Unfortunate Events books by Lemony Snicket ?  They are so much better than the movie!