Monday, June 21, 2010

Menu Monday and other bullets


~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~  Alfredo Noodles with grilled chicken bits, Green Salad, Garlic Bread

Tuesday~  Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Green Beans

Wednesday~ Alphabet Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Thursday~  Taco's

Friday~  Grilled Chicken Sandwiches,  French Fries, Cole Slaw

Saturday~  Our Home is hosting a baby shower.  I'll be making potato salad, frog eye salad and old settler's baked beans.  The momma to be is bringing hamburgers and hot dogs and the cake.  Weird...I know

Sunday~  Hoagies, clam dip, chips, lefotover baby shower food

  • Maggie arrives tomorrow.  #1 son is beside himself with excitement.  So excited he ran over a HUGE cement and cast iron water meter in the front yard with the mower and destroyed the mower.  He bought a brand new one to replace it...but hasn't finished mowing yet...
  • Bachelor Mickey is still in the rehab facility.  His guardian is believing he is getting better and will return home soon   We'll see what happens.  I have not seen an improvement.  He went from walking up/down to his third floor apartment and walking four blocks 6 days a week, to barely getting out of bed or walking.  We took one of his nicer dogs to see him yesterday.  We pushed Mickey in a wheelchair while he held the dog leash.  Then he played a couple hymn songs for me on his keyboard and wanted to go back to bed to rest.  We visited with him about 1 1/2 hours.  I think we're going to try to go again Wednesday and give him a shave and haircut.  Tomorrow he is supposed to travel with his guardian to the VA medical facility, in a car...and walking...after being in bed 3 weeks.  Should be interesting.
  • Bachelor David needs us to find out about some bills this week that appear to not have been paid from his surgery in January. We'll help him to get those paid.
  • Manly man is planning on taking a few days off this next week.  He NEEDS to get that Toyota DONE!!
  • Not sure how much time we'll be spending with Maggie...I think we are going to venture to the city on Monday to visit the Museum of Natural History for #1 son to receive extra credit points for his Geology class at college.  Maggie will also be here Saturday for the baby shower barbecue.  She and #1 son are also going to help staff a youth conference our church is hosting Thursday and Friday.
  • I still want to go camping.
  • I have a bad fishing bug.  Last evening would have been a great evening to fish.
  • Daddy and #2 son enjoyed making Toy Story 3 a huge box office hit over the weekend.  He LOVES Toy Story.  He was looking for my old Ken yesterday to play with his Army men.

I think that's all for now friends.  Enjoy the week!



  1. Great  menu and great plans! Have a wonderful day

  2. Sounds like a busy week -- do enjoy. By the way, I used to enjoy fishing also, but haven't been in decades -- used to fish with my dad -- good memories :)

  3. Menu looks great!Very busy,but fun it all sounds! :))

  4. I sure do pray that everything goes OK for Mr. Mickey.

  5. Ok, I gotta ask! What is frog eye salad??  Sorry to hear about the mower, but glad your son replaced it. Hope they have a wonderful youth conference and hope the baby shower goes smoothly! I have a bad case of fishin' bug, too! Haven't been at all this year and I can't stand it! Hope you're able to go soon!

  6. Wow you are very busy!  Menu sounds great though

  7. You are definitely one busy lady.  I am hoping for your sake it is a good kind of busy.  Will continue to pray for Mickey.  Your menu looks good but then it usually does.  I still have a hard time with the frog eye salad.  I know you told me before it was good but I have a hard time getting past the name 

  8. You are a busy woman full of grace and love for your fellow man, I am very proud of you.  Have fun this week.  I have been thinking of you and praying everyday for all of you.I have made it a goal to at least try to save up$$ for a trip later in the year.  By train of course.  Pray that all will go well with that resolution.  Love Momeeee