Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Longwinded Update


Outside My Window~  A much needed cool down for the next few days.  It has been hot and humid here lately.  I smile thinking that the Lord knew we needed a weather break here

I am thinking~ I have another post coming about brotherly love...

 From the kitchen~  Most of the leftovers have been cleaned up.  I have lettuce to harvest in the garden.  I also have three cherry tomatoes to pick!  We'll probably have a big green salad for dinner and maybe a piece of grilled chicken. 

I am thankful for~   I am thankful for many things.  So many today that it is hard to name.  The Lord is good to me always meeting my needs above and beyond what I could ever think or ask for.

 I am wearing~     My p.j.s!!  I will get dressed sometime today!

I have created~  ...Our community participates in curbside pickup for unwanted household items.  The last few Sunday evenings we've driven these neighborhoods looking for furniture for the bachelors home.  I found a great chair on Sunday night.  It has a big tear in one section that I thought I could repair.  I repaired the chair yesterday and my men delivered it the the bachelors home.  I need to find one more chair and a bath mat then I will be done creating at the bachelors home!

Late June 2010 046

He thought I should leave the chair in the garage to help him 'work' on the Toyota!

Late June 2010 047

The brown area is where I removed the damaged leather and sewed in a piece of brown fabric. 

Late June 2010 005

This is David posed next to the love seat we got for him at Salvation Army.  We have removed the cream colored wing chair and replaced it with the recliner.

I have been~ We went to the city on Monday with Maggie.  #1 son wanted extra credit for his Geology class and needed to go to the American Museum of Natural History.  My favorite part of what we saw was the hall of North American Forests and the Hall of Minerals and Gems.  The American Forests hall had unique panoramic scenery painted in the background.  I thought they were great and my favorite part!

Late June 2010 041

A huge display of a Malaria Mosquito.

Late June 2010 042

Eating at famous Brooklyn charcoal brick oven pizza establishment.  The pizza was good but not the 'best'

Late June 2010 043

Late June 2010 045

A pose from Maggie our pizza model!

I am reading~   Between books right now.  I do have my next Mitford book to read, "Light From Heaven"  I found a complete book list for those of you who asked me.


I am watchingCampion from BBC (click on picture to find out more about this series)


I am praying~ For all my prayers to be answered.  Praying especially for wisdom...for church... 

I am hearing~ the painting master working on his Toyota.

Around the house~ I need to put away laundry.  Most of the house is clean.  I need to make my salad and marinate some chicken for dinner. 

Sharing pictures from the last week~  

Late June 2010 031

Our dear friends Chris and Sharon.  Our house hosted a baby shower on Saturday.  Sharon's baby is due July 28th. 

Late June 2010 028    

(One of the blankets I made for her.  I think my gift for visiting them after the baby is born...a candy bouquet.  I'll be sure to post pics when I get ready to create that bouquet)

Late June 2010 030

Late June 2010 038

Sharon's momma and sister attended the baby shower. 

Sharing something else~

NOT engagement pictures...just for fun.  Maggie will head back to Arkansas on Friday.  These two sure have sure enjoyed their time together.  Theirs has been a long distance relationship.  They are working really hard at being pleasing to the Lord while they are courting.  See what Maggie's Dad said about them on his blog .

Aaron and Maggie 012

Aaron and Maggie 013

Aaron and Maggie 007

Aaron and Maggie 006

Aaron and Maggie 017

Aaron and Maggie 020

Aaron and Maggie 048

~~Enjoy the rest of the week friends!~~



  1. You did a great job on that chair! Lots going on in your life,you are blessed but also i see that you are a blessing to others!

  2. WOW!!!! when do you sit down????So many blessings!

  3. We just had a hot weather spell, and now it's down in the 70's!  So nice to have the cooler weather after 2 weeks of HOT.  I know I was NOT made to live in the south.  The pizza looks good to me. =) Have a happy rest of your week too!

  4. Aww...I just get all teary-eyed when I see those pictures.  I've never met Maggie but I love her for the smile she puts in Aaron's heart.  Pure wonderful sweetness.Love you sister.

  5. Aww, they make such a cute couple! Love the way you redid that chair! I wish I was talented at things like that. I really do. I could fix all kinds of furniture up!Ok, I have to admit, I did NOT like the mosquito. I detest those things. They are evil! LOL That thing is HUGE! I wonder how on earth they made it. Incredible.

  6. Wow, what was it, like 7-8 years ago, and Aaron was trying to find a way to share legos with my, at that time, around 4 year old Matthias??!!??   Boy do they grow up SOOO fast!!  Our families have had such a unique relationship (by finding eachother across the country and staying in touch).  I'm happy for Bro. Aaron and Ms. Maggie.  Please tell all your family I say hello!  I love you Ms. Beth.  You're a special person to me.  Ms. Elsie