Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Thursday!


 Outside My Window~  It is supposed to be warm but less humid today and tomorrow.  This is good as our AC unit died this week.  Thankfully it will be replaced this weekend!

I am thinking~ Enjoyed reading the replies to Amber's post about Pastor's and life in the ministry.  Makes my brain think.

 From the kitchen~  We had taco salad last night with a sweet cantaloupe.  Not sure what I'll make for tonight.  I have a spaghetti squash that needs used up.  I saw an idea for serving one with crumbled chorizo on top.  I may try that and have Frog Eye Salad with it. 

I am thankful for~   My salvation.  Thankful that I am always learning from my experiences.

 I am wearing~     My p.j.s!!  I've been so busy the last week!  I am tired out.  I am covered in bruises.  My hair needs colored.  I need a manicure and pedicure.  Today is HOME SPA day!  

I have created~  For the past week I have been over at the bachelors house trying to improve living conditions for them in the event that Mickey (80 year old bachelor) comes home from the 'Rehabilitation Center.'  Mickey is suffering from old age.  In the past 6 weeks he has fallen twice while walking around downtown.  Once, he rode home in a police car.  Once he rode home in an ambulance.  The last time, he was found walking around dazed and confused and was taken to the hospital.  Mickey has no family and someone we know is in charge of making decisions for Mickey (not David as David is mentally handicapped).  I am not sure if he'll be coming back home.  I have done my best to make sure that if he comes home it will be easier for a nurse to help care for him.

The following pictures do NOT do justice to what was done to this apartment.  I need to take a few more 'after' pictures of the living room, bedroom and kitchen.  Thank you to my #1 son who invested hours and hours into helping me.

Bedroom Before

June' 10 012

June' 10 013

Bedroom After

June' 10 027

June' 10 028

Living Room Before

June' 10 017

(yes that is urine and feces on the floor)

June' 10 018

(Beds in the living room because the bedroom was being used as storage for the boxes that were placed at the time of their move, 5 years ago!)

June' 10 019

June' 10 022

June' 10 025

(We laid a brown area rug down and found a love seat at the thrift store Tuesday to put in front of the woodstove.  I want to replace the ratty chairs as well.)

June' 10 026

(We also hung many pictures on the walls.)

June' 10 015

(I didn't do much to the kitchen.  I cleaned these two surfaces off.  The papers on the tops were about 3 years old.  We mopped too.)

June' 10 016

June' 10 014

(If Mickey comes home, we'll see about getting a shower curtain for around the tub...for now it works for David who can sit in the tub.  I didn't do much here either.  The dogs use the floor as a potty station so I just vacuumed dog hair, cleaned the sink and toilet.)

So, if Mickey doesn't come home, we'll see about finding a social worker to help David keep up with his paperwork (bill paying),  medical appointments, groceries and prescriptions. 

Be in prayer for the man who is guardian of Mickey.  Mickey really does need full time care.  David is not able to provide that (he works full time.) It's sad for Mickey, he wants to be at home with David and the dogs.

I am going~ Not going anywhere today, at home spa day. 

I am reading~   I need to reserve the last two Mitford series books from the library.  I have enjoyed these books so much!

I am watching~  Campion from BBC (click on picture to find out more about this series)


I am praying~ For far away family.  For our next move.  For #1 son decisions.  Wisdom.  Church. 

I am hearing~ #2 son playing with plastic swords.  Windchimes.  Peaceful house.

Around the house~ I am caught up with my own chores after five days taking care of some else's home.  Everything is done, put away and CLEAN! 

A few plans for the coming week~  #1 son's girlfriend, Maggie, is coming to visit 'family' next week.  We are looking forward to spending some time with her.  Youth Conference at church next Thursday and Friday.  The theme is 'Call of Duty'  I'm taking some military things over to church this weekend for them to use as decorations.

Something to Share~   Pictures.

June' 10 010

June' 10 008

June' 10 009

June' 10 011




  1. Wisdom is one of the greatest things to pray for.  Thanks for the reminder...that's something I often forget to pray for though I do sure could use some more of it. 

  2. you have been so busy! I miss you on Xanga my friend!I am reading In this mountain! Its harder for me to read.

  3. Beth, you are a GOOD woman and servant of the Lord to do what you've done for those Bachelors! Needs to be more people out there with that kind of servanthood (I'm one of them!)

  4. Wow you have been busy.  What a blessing you are to the bachlors!  I am very blessed by your willingness to serve.  May He bless you mightily!  RYC:  I share a birthday with your sister and just once a yr.  Thankful for that!

  5. Sounds like you truly deserve this home spa day -- I pray that you are blessed with quietness and restoration today, as you have been such a blessing to others.

  6. Wow that is some HARD work! You did a great job though, a home spa day sounds like just the thing you need!Have a great day! 

  7. I couldn't see the pictures yesterday so I stopped back...looks like you've been busy!!  The house looks very nice.    And taco salad sounds delicious!  I may just make some for my hubby and I this weekend - thanks for the idea!!!