Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping, Cooling, Contemplating





Outside My Window~  It's not as hot as it has been.  We are getting some much needed rain showers.  Our grass is very dry.  Walking in my back yard, I am reminded of how fresh hay smells.

I am thinking~ Still thinking about writing a post on brotherly love.

 From the kitchen~ Not sure what to cook.  It will probably be something that doesn't heat up the kitchen. 

I am thankful for~   I am thankful for being able to spend time having an adventure with my boys.  Not too much longer and my nest will be a bit emptier.

I am wearing~     My p.j.s!!  I will get dressed sometime today!

 I have been~  Seeking relief from the oppressive heat, I took my sons to the Delaware River to camp.  I am sad to report, it wasn't any cooler unless we were in the water.  We came home refreshed and much redder more tan.

 I am reading~  Found a great book.  It is the first in a series.   I'll try to patiently wait for the second book to be released.


The heroine in this book is a church secretary.  Her job as church secretary is defiantly more exciting than my job as church secretary ever was!

I am watching

The Incredible Hulk Returns with Bill Bixby


The Incredible Hulk cover


Around the house~ It's very quiet.  We are recovering from camping!  #2 son is happily creating with his Lego's.  #1 son is awake...not sure what his plan is for today.

I am Praying~ I am praying for the bachelors.  Bachelor Mickey is supposed to be released from the 'rehabilitation' center this week.  Not sure what the plan is for that situation...I know it's in  My Lords hands!

Late Jan 2010 016

Sharing Something Else~  Sharing our pictures from our camping adventure!

July Pics 001

July Pics 002

All loaded up and ready to hit the road.

July Pics 003

We're almost there!  This is the small toll bridge we took across the Delaware river.

July Pics 005

Couldn't wait to get in the water!  It was shallow and very warm and still refreshing!  Can you tell that is me?

July Pics 006

July Pics 008

July Pics 009

#2 son found a HUGE grub where he was playing with his army men.  Yuk!  Good for fishing bait though!

July Pics 011

Cozy campsight.  Still very warm out.  We had to have a fire for making s'mores!

July Pics 014

July Pics 015

Homemade breakfast burritos!  So good...ham, potaoes, onions, green pepper, pepper jack cheese and scrambled eggs.  Yumm!

July Pics 016

July Pics 018

Too hot and humid for much walking.  I feel like I'm melting!

July Pics 019

 Pretty fern meadow.

July Pics 020

Army men camp.  The green guys are protecting from the invading tan forces.

July Pics 022

My bearded fellow camper.

July Pics 023

Have a great weekend friends!






  1. Looks like a great time......thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. How fun! That river looks like a great place to camp, my kids would love it!  Ferns are one of my favorites, that meadow is beautiful.  I've heard you guys have been having it hot, hot, hot out there.  Hope it cools down for you soon!  But then again, the hot is what makes summer so fun sometimes!  Enjoy your weekend! =)

  3. It's been years since I've seen the Delaware! I've heard about that heat; not good! We had a bit of rain awhile ago along with thunder.Now it's not so dusty! I'm glad you had a good camping trip! I love the army guys!

  4. That looks like great fun!!Oh wow I just saw that book at the library yesterday! I might have to go back and get it! Now that I know it's good .

  5. Oooh, that water looks so inviting! They closed down a lot of the lakes around here due to E. Coli. :( So much for swimming. Camping looks absolutely wonderful! Love the pics! Sounds like the army men invaded your campsite. lol  Would you belive my boys would *still* play with them and they're 17 and 15!?! That book looks good. I wonder if our library has it!

  6. Wow! Aaron is looking more and more like his dad!!!! I'm finally getting back to blogging, first time I've been over here in a LONG time! Looks like you all are doing well. Love, Michelle