Thursday, July 29, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~

Outside My Window~  Humid.  A nice thunderstorm came through this morning and gave us a good soaking rain.

I am thinking~ Still thinking and dreaming about a little camp trailer.  Still thinking and dreaming about our next transfer.  I am thinking that for such a heavily populated area, the radio stations are not that great here.  I am thinking, why can't folks at the store push their carts the extra 15 feet to the cart return instead of leaving them resting against my vehicle?  Why do folks on t.v. say "Umm." so much?  I am still laughing at the lady who asked me at church last night to help work a church function.  She wanted to be sure to ask all the folks who had more time because we "Don't work"    Still thinking...yup.. I am!

 From the kitchen~ Grilled chicken with grilled veggies and the last bit of cantaloupe.

I am thankful for~   I am always grateful that the Lord meets our needs over and above what we could ever ask for.

I am wearing~   A light blue, floral print wrap skirt with a pink tee, bare feet with rapberry colored toes.

 I have been~  We straightened the house this morning.  I washed my bed sheets yesterday (April Jo ) #2 son vacuumed for the first time and had a blast!

I am reading~  Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Mysteries (You know from the Jane Austin books?)  These are a series of books set in the Victorian era.  I think I have gotten them out of order.  I am reading Suspense and Sensibility.  Seems to be decent so far.

I am watching~  I was internet surfing yesterday and found that PBS has movies online and happens to be playing Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot for a very limited time.

Around the house~ Smelling a vanilla cupcake candle and a bit of mulberry potpouri.  Things are clean and organized.  Trying to find a radio station to listen to. 

I am Praying~ Praying for myself.  Praying always for wisdom. Pray for us.  I can't say why, but we are going through some unchartered territory  and are not sure how to handle it...(not with our children or our job or immediate family.)  We need the Lord's wisdom and peace.

Upcoming Events The weekend of August 8th we'll be going away again.  We are going to take that weekend and go see the New Jersey State Fair.  Does that sound too redneck?  I can't wait.  I love going to a good fair.  We haven't attended one since we lived in San Diego, California.  We are going to attend a fiddle competition and see the demolition derby.  I am going to try to reserve a hotel room close by the area of the fair and see if I can find a hotel with a pool.

Erie County Fair by e_felger.

My manly man will be going to training in Fort Worth, Texas next week.  We like to take that time and make it a party at home.  Not sure what we'll do for sure.  We may rent movies, get Chinese take-out and go swimming.  I'd love to go camping again.

A Few plans For The Remaining Week~  Tomorrow I'll be babysitting.  I babysat last Friday also.  #2 son had a great time playing with J.C.  it was fun for him. 


J.C. has been here before. 


  1. You got a lot to think about!! Laughing with ya on the old lady at church ooOOoo .....clean bedsheets!!! ( i think that is going to stick to me from now think its funny!)

  2. sounds like a fun week at your house.the lady that was asking the people that "don't work" must also be one of those people that thinks we homemaker are bored and eat bonbons while we watch soaps all day. 

  3. Umm...I think I had a lot more time when I did work full time out of the house! We used to go to the Del Mar fair when we were in San Diego...loved that that the one you're talking about? Well, back to my liesurely time as a housewife

  4. Oh going to a fair sounds wonderful! Hope you have an awesome time. I can really understand how frustrating that woman's comments must have been. I've found myself dealing with that type of mindset more and more. The knitting group I belong to was just discussing this the other day. It amazed me that these older gals got so much flak for staying home and raising their kids instead of working. I love being at home with my family and yes, it's a lot of work. I wonder if that lady understands that we don't have oodles of time to just goof. ((((cool hugs))))  Sometimes ya just gotta giggle and realize they just don't understand.