Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Thursday

Outside My Window~  Hot Summer.  This weekend is supposed to be unbearably hot.  My garden is still not doing so well. 

I am thinking~ I am thinking about fall and the start of home school.  I really should get some lesson plans started.  I am thinking about finishing up a photo project and organizing pictures into albums.  I am thinking about tall pine trees, the scent of juniper and the mountains in eastern Oregon this week.  I am still thinking about a cute little camper and taking it out to camp somewhere.

 From the kitchen~ Something in the crock pot for today...spaghetti or ribs and scalloped potatoes with green salad

I am thankful for~   I am thankful for my job.  I love staying at home and enjoying the company of my children and my dog.

I am wearing~     I am wearing a denim skirt and my nightshirt.  My hair is up, being colored light brown.  I colored it Tuesday, medium brown.  I think my manly man though it was too dark.  He came home from work that night and said..."Did you color your hair?  You diiiiddd color your hair didn't you?"  Then he walks to another room and when he returns he is chuckling.  Why can't he just say it was too dark?  It WILL eventually lighten week, maybe.

 I have been~  Not doing too much.  Wishing we had a little hot tub or wading pool that wasn't full of tomatoes!

 I am reading~  The Teaberry Strangler by Laura Childs...another very decent mystery with recipes and tea party ideas.

The Teaberry Strangler by Laura Childs

I am watching

The Bionic Woman



Around the house~ It's still pretty early around here.  I hear the  wind chimes and Cicada's outside. #1 son is already at work this morning.   I am going to mess around on the computer today so it will stay fairly quiet.

I am Praying~ Praying for myself... praying  that God would give peace and wisdom.  Praying for the desires of my heart...I have several of those!

Upcoming Events We are taking #2 son and traveling 2 1/2 hours south this weekend.  We have some special, long-time friends in the area and we want to see them.  

They are missionaries on deputation (raising support) to go to New Zealand.  They will be at a church Sunday presenting their ministry.  We'll be staying in hotel Saturday and hopefully swimming a bit (it is supposed to be 100 degrees!)  On Sunday morning we'll attend church with them.  Afterward we'll return home, taking a leisurely drive up the NJ coast. 

~~Have a great weekend friends!~~



  1. I know I saw this nearly every Thurs. but I do so enjoy these posts!

  2. Enjoyed your post, but now I'm a little jealous that you have tomatoes and I don't!

  3. Sounds like a great day.  What will you be doing with all those tomatoes?  You have a great weekend too. =) Hope it's not too hot!

  4. so nice to reconnect with friends. Do enjoy your trip and fellowship! Stay cool!

  5. @Elizabethmarie_1 - @momidazed - I should clarify-  My garden is in those pools.  We used last years wading pool for a garden.  It's full of tomato plants!  Ha-Ha

  6. Time to get another wading pool?? We've been hot here with the heat index hitting 105 for several days!  I am so ready for my own personal walk-in freezer!   What type of hair coloring products do you use? I've been considering using the wash in coloring, but haven't figured out which is permanent and which is wash out.

  7. @SealedbyGrace - I believe Nice and Easy is the wash in out type.I use Permanent hair coloring, Loreal brand.  I'm still thinking of whacking all my hair off and letting it go gray.  I think I'd be almost as white as my Mom (  I think everyone would think my husband and I are #2 son's grandparents, so I have hesitated.Yes, wading pools aught to be on clearance right about now.  Going swimming at a hotel tomorrow!

  8. @betheelou - Thank you so much! I'll have to try some of it and see if I can find a color I like. Dh would probably be a bit surprised because I don't usually do much of anything to my hair, other than throw it up in a ponytail. lol Oooh, a swimming pool at a motel sounds wonderful! Have a wonderful time, dear friend! (((cool hugs)))

  9. @SealedbyGrace - I looked last night...nice and easy is NOT the wash in/out kind.  Read the labels carefully and look for the kind that last about 12 shampoos.  You look like a light brown.

  10. @betheelou - Ok, I'll check. Thanks for the heads up! *snicker* I just had to! LOL I'm a medium brown with lots of white hairs! ROFL  I also have a reddish tint to my hair.