Friday, January 21, 2011

~~It's Friday!~~

Its Friday. . . I am back

Outside My Window
~  We recieved almost 6 inches of snow during the night.  It makes for quiet morings listening to traffic outside.   School was 2 hours late today around the area.  Most public schools around here only allow for three snow days.  They've already reached that after 4 weeks!!

Around The House~  The wind is blowing from the north.  Here come some frigid wind chills for the weekend.  I love that it makes my windchimes sound!
I Am Thinking~
  Thinking about spring and summer already.

I Am Praying~  Praying for Aaron at boot camp.  Today he gets to send mail out with his address.  I can't wait!
 Praying for bachelor David.  Praying in general for stuff.

From The Leaning Room~
   My student had a 2 hour delayed start today as well.  He just took a spelling test and did terrible.  He is writing  the list again. . .twice

  I Am Wearing~   Jeans, Green top, hair curly, no make-up, tennis shoes.  I took a few photos for new profile pictures last week.  I must say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my short hair!!  ((I added one of those color wash products to it for Mickey's funeral.  Should wash out 10-14 washes.))


  I Am Creating~   Not really creating yet.  Got some ideas~  photo albums, a flower swag such as this one. . .

I am getting spring cleaning fever.  When #1 son left I cleaned the rest of his room.  I vacuumed, washed windows, washed curtains, washed bedding and mopped the floor.  It looks different and empty.  I'll add some more decorations to the walls soon. 

I am tiring of my blue bed set.  Inspired by cleaning Aaron's room, I am switching bed sets and going back to yellow.  I have the windows open blowing in 10 degree fresh air.  When my manly man gets home, I'll have him help me turn the mattress.

  One Of my Favorite Things~   I always say this but it's one of my favorites. . . my cozy warm bed, a bowl of popcorn, good movie and a snuggly person to enjoy them with!!

From The Kitchen~  Bachelor David is coming over tomorrow afternoon to hang out,  Not sure what the meal plan is yet.  Sunday is not planned either!!  I have a ton of meat in the freezer and need to build meals around that.

(beautiful rosemary bread, fresh from the oven)

I Am Enjoying~  Watched a great movie last week-  A Christmas Memory with Patty Duke (I love her!!)

Upcoming Events~  #2 son has a birthday next week.  We are planning a birthday celebration with our friends Chris and Sharon to this place. . .
About The Show
(Medievil Times) ((click on name to take you to this sight))

 I may be watching Alison's girls and house Sunday and Monday.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.  They will be moving to the Washington DC area soon because their Daddy got transferred.

(baby Ariya)

I am Sharing~  It's been a hectic week at our home.  I amazed that it is almost the end of January.  Where has the time gone? 

We bought that new rig for #1 knowing it had a problem (check engine light) and got a GREAT price for it.  It didn't make it home   My manly man and  Mr. Chris went and got it late Monday at a BAR parking lot about 7 miles from where we purchased it.  Bought a couple parts for it and it limped home Monday night.  On Wednesday afternoon my manly man decides he wants to take it back to the dealers shop where it was purchased and have them diagnose the problem and pay them to do the work.  Ha!  We tried to get it back up there, a 35 minute drive away.  It made it 2 miles and the same part blew up!  We had it towed to the local Mazda dealer Wednesday afternoon.  For $4,500.00 they can fix the problem with "GENUINE" Mazda parts or we can fix it at home with internet parts and $1000.00  It is back home sitting in our garage waiting on Daddy to fix it.  We are praising the Lord it didn't end up being the transmission it is just exhaust system (cadillac converter) and plugs and plug wires!!  We're sad that Aaron only got to drive it about 2 miles before it broke down.  We were hoping we'd drop him at the recruiters office on Monday afternoon in it.  His poor Daddy was very upset at himself for letting Aaron down.  But Daddy is lots better now.

Yes, that is a lego man holding a bug. . . inside the house

~~Have a great weekend friends!~~


  1. Oh no! So sorry about your vehicle! Very frustrating, I'm sure. I must say..............I absolutely LOVE your new haircut and that color is gorgeous! One of your favorite things is also one of mine. A bug!?! In your home!?! I would have freaked out. That thing looks huge! Do you know what kind of bug it is? 

  2. @SealedbyGrace - We used to call that kind of bug "squash bug" either because you find them on squash plants or because you can squash them with your shoe!!  Ha!

  3. Did your bug have kind of a triangular shaped back? We had one of those in our house last week.  My daughter informed me it was a stink bug.  He must have been hiding out in the attic since the fall or something cause there's nothin' living outside right now! We have super cold temps. and blowing snow today too, although the sun is peeking in and out.I'm sorry about the car. I'm sure that was a real disappointment.

  4. You hair is absolutely adorable on you!!! It is very flattering!!!! I love it!!!

  5. Your hair looks really good like that! Looks like January has got you in the mood to change things around a bit too!

  6. Love your look great!  I think would rate pretty high on my list of favorites as well.  The rosemary bread looks yummy.  Sorry about the car.  You are fortunate your hubby can work on cars like he can.  My hubby is pretty handy but not so much with cars.  My oldest son loves Medievil Times.  When he and his wife were married the glasses said Lord and Lady not Bride and Groom   The entire wedding party was dressed in period clothing. 

  7. You look fabulous!  You look so sassy and perky.  I've been praying for you and Aaron.  We've had such springy weather here, the boys have been wearing shorts.  I'm sure we'll get rain soon.Missing you

  8. Your hair looks so pretty.  Prayers for your son at basic training and for the car repairs.  Yay for ebay!  Happy cleaning!

  9. Oh my dear Beth, the similarities in our lives right now!!!!!!!!!! GASP!Both boys in service now. Mine got married, yours got engaged.Yours just moved out, so did mine. The room has an echo and is.........well, you know!Jimmy also helped Jake with his new car. Went to Fort Benning with it and as soon as he got there, it broke down. Jimmy beat himself up over it for quiet a while. We FINALLY got it fixed. Jimmy finally had to drop the gas tank, scrub it and reline it. But hubby felt so bad that he got Jake to get this car, and it broke down. He didnt have it a week!Love the new yellow in your room, and the shot of the bread! YUM! And gal, that head of hair- you look positively AWESOME!What Brett would give to go to the Medieval place!!!How are yuns doing with Aaron gone?

  10. The hair looks great...nice and low maintanence