Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Thursday!

Outside My Window
~  12 new inches of fresh snow!!  More snow flurries for the weekend.  As I was helping to shovel our driveway this morning, I said to my neighbor, I thought I was back in Alaska!
(can you see the neighbor's driveway?)

(our snow piled driveway. . .about 6 feet tall)

Around The House~  Gingerbread candles burning in two places around the house, Mazda parts laying here and there, Christmas decorations down and furniture has been polished with Old English.

I Am Thinking~  Thinking and dreaming always.  Dreaming about that big Dodge truck in my driveway someday!
I Am Praying~   Praying for Aaron.  Can't wait to get my first real letter from him with a proper address!  Sent my first letter to him via the C.O. (Commanding Officer)  I am sure that will go over really well!

 From The Leaning Room~   No school today.  I sent my student out with his dog to play in the snow.  They lasted about 20 minutes outside then came in to warm up and dry out!

(Banjo keeping warm after playing in the snow!)

  I Am Wearing~  Jeans and navy blue tee.  My hair is wild because I just blew it dry this morning and went outside to shovel snow.
I Am Creating~   Does it count as creating when I cleaned my room last week and changed my bedding?  Or took Christmas decorations down yesterday?  I am making a big grocery list for shopping on payday.  We're quite low on supplies.

(fresh non-Christmas decorations-dust free!)

  One Of my Favorite Things~   Iced tea even in the dead of winter.

From The Kitchen~  Bacon wrapped chicken breast, Rice a Roni, broccoli with homemade cheese sauce,  pear salads.  We had popcorn for lunch!
I Am Enjoying~  "My" new laptop.  It is so nice to be able to turn the mattress heater on in my bed grab that laptop and snuggle in for a quiet evening.

Upcoming Events~   Our evening with the birthday boy to Medieval Times has been postponed until February 5th.  I can't wait it will be fun.  Mazda truck repair this weekend.  I think most of the parts have arrived.

I am Sharing~  Have you read the newest Jan Karon book, In the Company of Others?  I received one for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it!!
In the Company of Others, Father Tim Series #2   -              By: Jan Karon

Stay warm. . . Have a great weekend dear ones!



  1. I didnt know she wrote a new book! Can ya give a brief synopsis?????Hope the ices tea is sweet! LOLYou can keep the snow! BBRRR!!!! I can still see some outside in the shades but the sun has shone all day. GORGEOUS!

  2. Hubby and I have both "listened" to the new Jan Karon book,  very very good and different from the Mitford ones.  All the hardship from the Drs, diary sure makes me appreciatte our much easier lives now.  I really should get back to drinking iced tea.  I like it, I just like diet dr pepper more.  But I am tired of paying for it and lugging it around.stay warm!

  3. I love Jan Karon's books......I need to look for it.    Love the new laptop.  I miss mine!    We got a little snow but nothing like what you guys got.  But that is OK with me, you can have it 

  4. @oldfatgramma - I heard you were going to get some snow today.

  5. Wow, that's ton of snow!  Quite a good workout shoveling that driveway.  By the way, you should buy my truck.  Just sayin.    And I love the rug that Banjo is laying on.

  6. I love these kinds of posts. Your dinner sounds sooooo yummy!!Hmmm.. gonna have to look for that new Jan karon book!

  7. All that snow does remind me of Kodiak.  We're praying for Aaron.  Can't wait to hear how he's doing.

  8. I'm so jealous of all your snow. I have been waiting for a big snowfall all year but no luck yet!

  9. @fortheloveofblogging - All that snow is getting pretty old now.  There is no place to put it so some 4 lane roads are down to two lane.  Parking lots are full of huge hills of snow.  With as many cars and people, it would be so much nicer to have it all gone!  But I'll pray you will have a big dumping of snow!! 

  10. mmm.. a gingerbread candle sounds wonderful! ice tea ANYTIME is a fav. of mine too~and i'm snuggled in bed right now w/ my's kinda fun isn't it. hee hee. ;)happy FEBRUARY!

  11. @victoriantomboy - Father Tim and Cynthia travel to Ireland for vacation.  They end up falling into trials and even a mystery.  Very good book of course.

  12. @betheelou - if its got a MYSTERY in'll love it. You like those mysteries!

  13. @victoriantomboy - I do love them.  I'd love to send this to you along with two others I received if you'd enjoy having them?