Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Sunday Post

Annapolis Adventure Part II

A visit to antique stores.

A wall of hot sauce at a not so tasty Mexican restaurant.

A drive along the bay.  All beaches are private along this particular road.  A perk if you are part of the homeowners association.

The next home is a house my husband liked.  It had a sheet metal roof.

We found another harbor with LOTS of boats.
. . and a boatyard.

We arrived home safe and sound.  Maybe a bit homesick for our own beds and Momma's cooking.  Annapolis is a pretty area.  I am glad I visited.

Yesterday I was able to go fishing all by myself.  What a treat. 

(that's my pole)

(the little orange speck to the right of center is my bobber.)

I may do it again today.  I fished for over two hours but didn't even receive a nibble.  I was thinking of this verse. . .

  Psalms 46:10 

Be still, and know that I am God. . ."


  1. What beautiful houses. Your pole looks so peaceful sitting in the water.Enjoy your Sunday. =)

  2. Pictures by the water look so peaceful.  No wonder that verse came to mind!  Enjoy your Sunday, my friend!

  3. Love the photos!  Gorgeous.  Just gorgeous.  All of them.  :)  Happy Sunday!

  4. travel is nice- but there just aint no place like home! 

  5. Beautiful pics! That looks so calming and relaxing, fishing by yourself, yay!