Monday, May 9, 2011

~~It's Monday~~

Outside my window~  Outside my window.  Perfect temperatures.  It is about 66 degrees.  It may get as high as 72 degrees today.  I love it!  Not too hot, not too cool.  Just right for sleeping at night with the window open.  I put my hummingbird feeders out last week and had my first birdie of the season on Friday!  I think that is a week earlier than I saw them last year.  I love to watch  those little birds. 

I am thankful for~  I am thankful for the ones who made me a mother.

My mother, Sharol.

I had a great day yesterday.  My husband set his alarm to make me a hot breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, toast with lemon curd, and orange slices.  Besides 'helping' me make breakfast. . .I think that is the first time in 22 years he has cooked a hot breakfast for me. 

I also got a sweet phone call from my #1 son.

A sweet phone call from my daughter to be. . .

And a phone call from my brother in Christ. . .

From the learning room~ Reading, Reading, READING, READING!

(( . . . for both students!))

From the kitchen~   I've tried hard to stick to my menu.  My grocery shopping has been a major stock up on the first of the month, weekly trips for fresh produce, and a quick trip to the store for a missing ingredient.  It's working out well for me that way.  My produce is staying fresher, less waste.  If I could just master the art of cooking without leftovers!

Monday~  Turkey lettuce wraps, brown fried rice

Tuesday~  Salisbury steak with mushroom gravey, scalloped poatoes, sweet green beans, pear salad.

Wednesday~  Black bean soup with polish sausage, toasted bread, green salad

Thursday~ baked fish, rice a roni, spinach salad

Friday~  marinated chicken pieces, baked sweet potato, salad

Saturday~ Hamburgers and french fries

Sunday~  ?

  I am wearing~   Bright colored top, denim capri's, bare toes, orange sweater for warmth
I am creating~ We cleaned the house this morning.  That's about all the creating that I've done lately.

((#2 son is the KING of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  . . . ((p.s. I LOVE THAT PRODUCT!!))  #2 son cleaned the stair risers for me!)
I am thinking~  I am thinking I really should get on the ball and choose a mother of the groom dress.  I'd like to see Coldwater Creek bring back a purple one they had several years ago that I should have purchased but did not.  I don't think the wedding is going to be formal more casual.  It looks like it will be in Pensacola, Florida with wedding pictures on the beach.

((it looks more lilac colored in the catalog))

I am watching~  Road to Avonlea

Favorite Things~  FISHING!!

((teaching Sharon how to fish.  She is good!  She just doesn't enjoy killing sacrificing the worm for the sport of catching the fish, even IF the fish swallows the worm.  (She is a veterinarian so she has LOTS of compassion for all of God's creatures!))

Friday we took out my husbands TOY -ota
  We took it (the Toyota) on a country drive , with a picnic lunch, the fishing poles and the spirit of adventure!

(a beautiful pond with good fishing)

~~Ssshh!  Do not disturb the residents of the pond!!~~

At another place in that county, we stopped by a trout stocked pond.  The local residents made it difficult to fish!

(There must have been at least 30-40 baby geese on this pond)

  Around the house~   It's is Monday, therefore laundry day around the house.

 I am praying~  Praying for the desires of my heart, praying for a good attitude, PRAYING!

  Something to share~  We joined a gym. . .yes weird I know.    I love to swim and cycle.  Our gym provides opportunity to do both in any type of weather.  Maybe I will be motivated to sit on work out equipment this fall and winter and exercise!.   I am not a  New York/New Jersey yuppie now believe me. 

"For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of life that now is, and of that which is to come."  1 Timothy 4:8

Our gym has a family changing room with a private stall and locking door so I can change with my family and not be separated from my #2 son in the men or ladies locker room.

~~Have a GREAT week Friends!~~


  1. A gym, I never thought you would be one of those  I think it is great that have a family changing room. I love the blue dress with the shrug.  Would be great for a casual wedding.  So nice you heard from everyone on Mothers Day.  How is David doing now anyway?  Love the pictures at the pond.  I am not a fisherman or is that fisherwoman?  My youngest son takes 3 of his daughters all the time, they love it!

  2. @oldfatgramma - I think he is very lonely.  He needs friends that spend time with him.  As far as I know, we are the only ones.  I wish his church/Pastor would get involved.

  3. Oh the fun and memories you are making.  I have been sort of looking at wedding fashion also, tho it is pretty doubtful that I will be able to attend.  Prices keep going up but my income stays the same. I have about $10 left or less at the end of my month. But God has a plan and I will rely on him ALWAYS.  LOVE TO YOU ALLL

  4. So many fun things in this post. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I'm impressed that your hubby fixed you a hot breakfast! Wowzers! Your menu looks very healthy and yummy! I read in Tightwad Gazette that they immediately put leftovers into the freezer to avoid waste. My grocery budget is so low but I still end up throwing food away ashamedly.

  5. Beth, you look just like your mama! The resemblance is uncanny. I thought it was a photo of you at first!  Hope you find a pretty dress to wear. I love the dress with the shrug as well. We've considered joining the local Y, but it's just so expensive and we have a weight area in our basement. We just have to get a treadmill down there and an exercise bike. I admit it would be lovely to swim year round! That would be nice for the fibro.     Love the pics! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Now that gym looks fun! Swimming all year long, can't beat that!  Also I like dress # 1 for the wedding, and what a beautiful place for the wedding, I could almost come!