Monday, May 2, 2011

~~It's Monday~~

Outside my window~   Our weekend was gorgeous!  We spent most of it outside working on our vitamin D intake!  We hiked along a canal on Saturday.  We followed the sound of airplanes in the sky and ended up at a small airport . . .

We also tried a new Chinese food place Saturday afternoon.  It was okay, but not GREAT!.  On Saturday evening we went fishing on a small pond in a nearby town. 

This guy, was catching fish!  I lost count of how many he caught.  They were small blue gill and we released them back to the pond to finish growing.

(the pond)

On Sunday, we skipped church . . .and went out and thanked God for his creation in person.

(this was an unusual home we spotted with tiny doors.  It looked like a hobbit house.)

(Yes, we found another airport.  This time we took a picnic lunch and watched gliders at this airport.)

(after watching gliders, we fished on the lake behind the small airport.  We caught some BIG fish!)

(well. . . maybe not that one!)

(that's my boy!  What a fisherman!)

(. . .Momma starts catching fish too!)

(see all the white hair?)

(he caught the biggest fish of the day!)

(that could be some goldfish from the cup at the midway after he finished growing!)

Bachelor David was ill this weekend, so he stayed home.  

I am thankful for~ Seeing the hand of God in my life. . .his protection, provision, and supervision!

From the learning room~  My student is still working on counting money, telling time, spelling, punctuation and writing.  Other than that busy work, we are done for the year.

My studies are coming along slowly.  I'm halfway through the book of Mark.  It's slow going reading all those books!

From the kitchen~   My kitchen plans were on track until Sunday.  We bought Popeye's Chicken and ate a picnic lunch.  Today we are having Sunday's food.

Monday~  Tereaki meatballs, brown rice, garlic broccoli

Tuesday~  Alfredo Ravioli, rosemary bread,   green salad

Wednesday~  Split Pea soup, cornbread, green salad

Thursday~ Fire pit hot dogs, baked beans, shrimp salad, s'mores

Friday~  turkey lettuce wraps, fried rice, garlic snow peas

Saturday~  sloppy jo's, tator tots, cole slaw, peach cobbler (or picnic food)

Sunday~  Salisbury steak with mushrooms, au gratin potatoes, green beans pear salad

  I am wearing~   Light cream capris, pink and sherbet colored top, sandals
I am creating~ Nothing at the moment.  My creating is taking a hiatus in favor of being outside.
I am thinking~  I am thinking about fun things. . .and they all cost money.  Here is a truck we put an offer on two weeks ago.  We were so $ LOW $, we haven't heard anything back from the salesman!

 I am reading/watching~  I read To Have and To Kill this past week.  It was a decent reading mystery.  The main character is going through a life change and recently moved back into her parents house.  Her mother runs a cake decorating business and she frequently helps her Mother out.  Oh yes, she also stumbles into mysteries and receives help from her male, FBI friend, Jack.

I am watching  Road to Avonlea

(loving those costumes!)

Favorite Things~ I love old fashioned things.

Around the house~ Monday is laundry day.  Got a batch going in the washer and the dryer.  Beds are unmade.  Floors need vacuuming!  Dishes in the sink as well.  Oh my!
 I am praying~   Praying for wisdom.  Praying for far away family. 

~Thank you for praying for my SIL, Cari.  She has relieved several cortisone injections into her spine.  The injections have made her feel much better, hopefully sped a bit of healing and delayed the need for another back surgery right away.

Something to share~
(My camera man is telling me to grab the fish closer to the hook so it wont spin for the picture.  I am trying to get him to hold still.  WHAT A FACE!)



  1. Yay for Vitamin D intake!  :)  Happy Monday!

  2. The photo of the store with the texaco sign reminds me of the one out of astoria towards jewell, I forgot the name of the community.  Fond memories for sure.Happy you caught some fish, wish I was there to help.  Blue gill mostly, but the other larger one looks a bit like a crappie I think.  Did you eat any of them?Glad you got to have fun.  I am still waiting for an address for Aaron.  And what city does Maggie live in?  I have been looking at the atlas wondering about all the tornados and the damage and danger.Love and kisses to all of you.  Have white hair is not a bad thing you know.  momeeee

  3. Oh, I absolutely love the fishing pics! How wonderful! I need to go get my fishing license and go with my kids. How do you find decent places to go fishing!?! My kids have only been to public lakes and we don't catch hardly anything. They would be hooked on fishing if they could snag into something big.

  4. Love the picture.....looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!