Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fishing our state

Just checking in really quick.  We had a great fishing trip yesterday afternoon.  We revisited a lake we went to about two weeks ago.  Spent several hours there enjoying the afternoon.  Not sure how much posting I'll do this next week.  Tomorrow we are traveling to Annapolis, Maryland to attend training for my husbands work.  I'll be taking the laptop though, so I'll try to post.

(the first four pictures are local fishing with my two buddies!)

(we are trying to get Banjo to take the hook out of this next fish.  It had some sharp teeth!)

(The last fish of the evening, a HUGE BASS!  My husband was so happy!)


  Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Some fine fishing and really handsome men to fish with!

  2. What a big bass! How much did it weigh? It looks so cool! I've been telling my boys that if they snag into a big ol' bass, they'll be hooked on fishing forever. (pun intended)   They've only caught small fish that were too small to keep really. Hoping we can find some decent fishing spots this spring/summer.

  3. How fun! I hope you enjoy your trip.

  4. looks like such a good time! our family has by-passed alot of spring activities this year because of all the at home projects we've been doing to get ready for baby girl, but after she comes, we are going to have some fun again!

  5. Soooo....did Banjo cooperate? lol  I don't care for fishing but it looks like you guys had fun.