Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday

The flash back is from yesterday.

The first three pictures are of #2 son.  He lost a tooth yesterday and it was quite traumatic for him. 

#1 son helped me tie floss to the tooth.  We tried getting the little guy to punch his brother, he wouldn't.  We tried to get him to slam his bedroom door, he wouldn't. 

He finally went outside to ride his bike and dropped his helmet which was connected to the floss, out popped the tooth.

We also went fishing last evening.

Would you ever guess this is in the suburbs?

Getting pretty excited to haul in a largemouth bass!

I've had visitors the past 4 weeks!  It only 5 months for them to show up!  Yesterday I actually saw two fight over the feeder!


  1. What a beautiful little fishing area! Why can't I have one of those in my neighborhood?

  2. Awww...the poor little guy!!  Don't mention the Toy's R Us thing to my boys, they only get a quarter for each of their teeth!Fishing is a lot different there than what you were used to in Alaska huh?  But you guys manage anyway!Love you sister!

  3. Poor guy, it does look like it hurt.  #1 son has one that is wiggly but he hasn't lost it yet.What a lovely fishing spot.  Wish I could've gone!!

  4. Oh, my goodness! I remember tying string to my tooth and slamming the bathroom door over and over again. It never did jerk my tooth out! Neat fishing pictures!

  5. Oh Yay, your hummingbirds finally came!  Poor Sully......glad the tooth is out and the experience is over!  Trying to catch up on some I hope you see my other comments on your previous posts.  I don't know how xanga works......does it let you know when someone comments on older posts like blogger does?