Monday, August 10, 2009



Yep... it's a Monday.  It's a slow starting day...motivation is not high on the priorities with anyone in my house!

August blog 002

Not sure what the menu plan is for the week.  The weather will be a big factor concerning cooking this week!  I think I'll make a pasta salad for tonight.  I have some fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden to use!

August blog 003

My plans for the week include~ finish school with #2 son!  We're on the letter W.  I need to order some books for our next homeschool adventure!  I think I am going to combine Kindergarten and first grade for him.  We'll see how that goes when I look at the books a bit more and see what I think he accomplish.

August blog 005

Maybe the heat will be bring a big thunderstorm this evening.  I love those!

Enjoy the day!


  1. We had thunderstorms yesterday and this morning.  Sun is finally out now.  I know what you mean about motivation, I am still in my pjs.  The humidity is horrid here.  I need to check the garden as I know I have some green beans to pick but I really should get dressed first.  Doubt the neighbors would appreciate seeing me like this.  I think combining K + 1st is a good idea.

  2. Slow Monday here also -- lingering, knowing it's my last Monday off. Son #1 is taking his drivers test right now so I'm xangaing and praying :)

  3. @LaurieLH - Yes...I'll pray too.  For safety!!  Is he a good driver?  Ha!  Have a good day.  Are you close to the beach?  Think about me today if you are.  I'd give anything to feel the cool breeze blowing off the ocean and to hear the surf, off the coast of California!

  4. Could you send some of those cucumbers my way? LOL  Just kidding, but oh do they look good!  I didn't get a garden put in this year like I had wanted to.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Love ya, DJ