Monday, September 20, 2010


~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~  Chili Dogs with cheese, sour cream, onions, lettuce and corn chips

Tuesday~  Garlic Shrimp with Afredo Penne pasta, green salad

Wednesday~  Salmon Patties, mashed poatotes, garlic broccoli

Thursday~ Velveeta Macaroni, grilled chicken breast, green beans

Friday~  Corn or Clam chowder, homemade bread

Saturday~ ?

Sunday~ ?



  1. YUM! Your meals sound wonderful! How do you make your salmon patties? We make a salmon loaf here. (2 cans salmon, drained and de-boned, 2 sleeves of crackers, 2-3 eggs, 2 cans cream of mushroom soup, mixed well and cooked at 375* for 30-45 min.)Love the pic of the picnic table.

  2. @SealedbyGrace - Miracle whip, 1 egg, 2 cans salmon, mrs. dash, dried onion, bread crumbs.  Mix together, let stand about 1 hour before forming into patties and fry in a bit of olive oil.

  3. Your menus always sound so good and mine always seem to be repeats of the previous week.  I know part of this is because of the fact Will can not eat wheat and Uncle Roy is lactose intolerant.  Not much left for creativity here.   

  4. Made the taco pie from last week's recipes.  It was a big hit with my tribe.  Thanks for sharing!  :)

  5. @oldfatgramma - I was just on the bisquick websight and saw thier GF biscuit mix.  You should see all the recipes for thier Impossible Pies.

  6. @TrentTribe - I haven't made it yet, but looking forward to trying it.  I love all the reipes about bisquick.  You should try some of thier Impossible Pies.