Thursday, September 2, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~


August Pics 112

Outside My Window~  Sunny.  It's going to be another warm day today.  Looking forward to the rain and wind we're going to get tomorrow.  It will really enforce that fall feeling in the air.

August Pics 123

(We enjoyed an afternoon at a lake Tuesday...working on tans and building sand castles )

August Pics 124

I Am Thinking~  I am thinking about today's to-do list.  A trip to Wal Mart.  Housecleaning.  School room decorating.  Doggie haircut and bath.  Dinner preparations.  Those are the plans for today.

From The Learning Rooms~  School starts next week.  Decorations today.  Our first field trip next week.  We are going to go explore the Bronx Zoo with our friends Alison and Sienna.

From The Kitchen~  Going to grill tonight. . . either chicken or fish with a sweet potato and maybe fresh green beans and green salad.

I Am Wearing~  Still in pajamas.  Ready to hit the shower.  I'll probably put on a pair of capri's and a tee shirt.

I Am Creating~  Not much going on here.  Got a list of things to accomplish though.  New layout for my blog,  Get pictures made, update photo albums, fall spruce up for the house.  Need to finish the thoughts on Brotherly Love thing done.  I have a rough... rough draft complete. 

I Am Enjoying~  Between books at the moment.  A new movie came last night.  I am waiting patiently to preview it.  Hopefully it will be good.

Sally Lockhart Mysteries: Shadow in the North

Sally Lockhart: Shadow in the North

I Am Praying~  Always for wisdom, guidance, protection.  Praying about stuff.  Praying for answers to prayer.

Around The House~  Dust bunnies, dirty stairs, sinkfull of dishes.  Little one upstairs playing war and humming hymns at the same time

August Pics 125

(This is #2 son's color paper from Sunday school class.  A few colored areas on Noah's Ark.  But on the back side of the paper so much attention to detail on the war.  Four different colors of armed forces!  I'd love to be a fly on the wall and follow that little man around and see what he says when I am not there!  I'm sure it would be so funny!)

One Of My Favorite Things~  bird songs,  the smell of fresh rain, piano music, guitar music, baby skin, the smell of Baby Magic baby bath, my husbands kisses.

A Few Plans for the Week~  My manly man works this weekend doing security for the US Open Tennis Tournament.  He is off on Monday.  Expecting to go out to eat this Sunday afternoon with the bachelors.  We are having baby Anastasia and her parents over for a barbecue on Monday afternoon.

August Pics 093


  1. there you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good to hear from you again!

  2. Love what's around your house   Have a fun Labor Day weekend!


  4. Nice to see you posting.  Sad to see summer end in a way, isn't it?  But nice too because there's Fall ahead and I do love that season.  No rain for us from Earl but we did get plenty of lovely oceanic breezes and made us homesick for the Ocean.  So now we're back to square one: ocean or mountains for vacation? LOL  Lovely dilemna isn't it?

  5. Do so like these Thurs. posts.    Thanks for sharing. 

  6. Nice to meet you.  Enjoying your blog. 

  7. You ARE looking tan! It's nice to have a day when you can go out and have fun...I need to do that! Maybe I'll just chuck my to-Do list and go to our drying up lake! It's gonna be a hot one here. 95. Which is hot for a mile high town. Phoenix is a whole 'nother heat situation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your weekend with the ones you love. I'm doing fairly well, just get wiped out faster. Thank you for praying!

  8. @PennyAnnPoundwise - We're thinking about what we want to do for our anniversary... #21.  I think we are going to drive up to Maine.  Gotta start planning!