Thursday, September 23, 2010

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside My Window~   Cooling down from yesterday.  It hit over 90 degrees.  We enjoyed a fabulous thunder and lightening storm on the drive home from church.  Tomorrow's weather looks to be much of the same heat as yesterday.

From The Learning Rooms~  Review of money.  Spelling started this week.  My student is learning lots of new words to read, 4 and 5 letters long!

From The Kitchen~ No chowder this week.  It's too hot.  I am going to get a batch of Rosemary Bread going in the morning.  I'll make some kind of pasta with grilled chicken and a simple salad for Sharon and baby Anastasia.  Not sure what I'll fix for tonight.  Maybe something easy like taco's.

I Am Wearing~  Still in my pajama's.  I am going to at least take the morning off from school.  Hit the shower and then go to the thrift store.  I am looking for a simple denim jacket to add to my fall wardrobe.  Do any of you shop at Coldwater Creek?  I love their clothes!  Between that store and Christopher Banks, I could really outfit myself.  I did find some long winter skirts in the Chadwicks catalog recently, two of them arrived yesterday.  A little retail therapy for Beth's state of mind recently!


one is this tan color and one in black

one skirt is this denim color and one in chocolate brown. . . on backorder but should be here within the next few weeks.

. . . and this sweater

. . . and this dress should come today . .  wouldn't it be cute with a denim jacket over the top and a chunky, funky necklace?

My beautiful new boots arrived a few weeks ago. 

I keep telling myself, if these last 4 years like my last pair of winter boots, the price over a 4 year period is not so bad!

I am creating~  Nothing today.  I have a wedding gift I need to create.  I am thinking of doing a painting.  I'll post pictures when that project is complete.

 I Am Praying~  Isaiah 41:13  

"For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. "

I am still claiming this verse from last week.  I am a bit better . . . today.  Keep praying for us to have wisdom.  I  am unable to share the details about what's going on.

 Around The House~  Suitcase is out.  Maps are out.  I was on the computer for several hours yesterday researching hotel locations for out Anniversary Trip.  #1 son will remain home to hold down the fort.  The rest of us will be driving to Maine.  We'll be gone about a week.  I am not sure how much fall color we'll be able to see.  It will be a treat just to be away seeing God's creation, together.

One Of My Favorite Things~ 


Sharing~  A few blog sights I thought were interesting.  Especially the gal who remakes clothes.  What talent!

~~ Have a great  weekend! ~~


  1. wonderful ideas on the clothes, especially those boots!  Wearing those new outfits on your trip?? Have fun and be safe! Happy Anniversary <3

  2. Cute clothes!!!Sorry for whatever it is you are going through right now! May the Lord be with you!

  3. Let me say that I hate thunder and lightening so I can't relate with ya there.The clothes are adorable. I love the sweater, dress and of course those boots! I think the sweater was my definite fave.Can't wait to see pics from your trip, so exciting!

  4. Sorry for what you are going through, will pray.   Love the skirts and boots.  I LOVE those stores too.  Trip sounds great.  I think that the leaves will be changing there.  When we went to Canton on Sun. the leaves were a lot more colorful just 3 hr. north than here.  Looking forward to pictures. 

  5. I liked the dress, the jean skirt, and the boots! I want to go shopping so bad!

  6. New clothes! I could use a few of those. I used to love shopping at Chadwicks. They have so many nice things. Hey, I saw Scott and Melissa at the wedding the other day. It was cool to tell them that we know each other.