Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall Fix Up



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August Pics 129

After- with new colored pillows.


Before School room, no decorations

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August Pics 139

August Pics 134

August Pics 136

August Pics 140

All ready for the student!

August Pics 131

Modeling the new home school clothes.

August Pics 130

August Pics 127

New pillows on the chairs and a new table arrangement between the chairs.

August Pics 128

I wanted to save my wedding dress for my daughter to use.  When Maggie was here in June we took my dress out of the closet where it was stored and gave it a look.  I was saddened.  We've lived along the coast most of our married life.  My wedding dress has moved about 11 times.  I think the Alaska was hard on my dress.  It has become yellowed and moldy.  I am very, very sad.



I got the dress out yesterday and inspected it closer.  I don't think a dry cleaner can rescue it.  I sat my dress in a sink full of laundry soap this morning and worked on trying to get it clean.  I think I got rid of the mold, but not the yellow.  On the next sunny day, I'll lay it out in the sun and see what happens.  The material in the skirt is salvageable if a future daughter in law wants to remake the dress.  Ahhh. . . so sad.

August Pics 132


  1. Get some oxy clean. I am assuming you can get the dress wet since you already soaked it. Bring a big stockpot of water to a boil. Remove the pot from the heat and set it in the sink. Add a scoop of Oxy Clean and a small scoop of laundry detergent. There will be a reaction and suds will rise....that is why you want it in the sink instead of on the stove :) Submerge the dress in that soak water. You may need to use a larger bucket if the dress won't fit in a large stockpot. Just dump the water/oxy clean mixture into a larger bucket, put in the dress and then add hot tap water to cover the dress. Cover the bucket or pot and leave it overnight. It gets that yellow out beautifully! I hope you get it clean for her! :)

  2. I love before and after pictures.....How old is your little guy..seems a bit younger than my youngest/ 

  3. Your rooms look great after your decor!!! Nice touches! ugh. awful about the wedding dress.

  4. My dress was even "preserved" after my wedding. Its still yellowing. very nice before/after pics. I still have to do mine.

  5. Love before and after pictures.  You did a great job.   BTW, I love the new background!  

  6. I love all the changes you have made, your home is beautiful and looks very relaxing!  School room looks great! That's homeschooling clothes! WE got some too, but that;s neat to make it a "thing" it keeps things exciting and new for them.  Sorry about your wedding dress  maybe...there is some hope for it if you take it the cleaners...  Also I love your new layout for your blog!

  7. Your home is lovely! So comfortable and I agree with Jill (floridayankees) does look relaxing!Have missed keeping up with you, dear friend! ((((big warm hugs))))