Friday, August 27, 2010

~~It's Friday~~


Outside my window~   I am thankful that all the rain we've had lately has started to green up our lawn.  The bad thing is. . . the grass will shortly begin to die as we hit our six plus months of winter. . .

I am thinking~   Thinking about  doing nothing today. 

From the learning rooms~  Nothing yet from the school room.  Need to organize some desk areas and a book shelf.  The manuscript book I ordered arrived last week.  Lesson plans done.  I think we are about ready.  Next week. . . we'll decorate and maybe buy a package of fat pencils for sweet little fingers.

From the kitchen~   Not sure what's on the menu today.  We've been spending our Sunday's with the bachelors recently.  We've been bringing them over here a lot to save $$ on the going out to eat budget.  Last week we enjoyed hamburger gravy and rice, the week before Parmesan Baked Cod.  This weekend I think I'll make Beef Tips with Egg Noodles and gravy and blueberry cheesecake.

I am wearing~   May I admit, I am still in my pajama's?  With my bad bedtime hair?  Morning breath?  Okay,  I admitted it.

I am creating~   Will maybe spend a few minutes today copying pictures to the proper disks to take to Wal Mart and print pictures.  I tried printing a few of Maggie and #1 son.  After 4 sheets of photo paper and two ink different ink cartridges, I gave up.  Then I will start adding those pictures to albums.  I was inspired by hutch5 last week to add some decorations to some plain areas of my home.  Maybe I'll do that next week too.

I am going~  I am making plans to take at least one son on a picnic/swim date next week to a lake I heard about.  It cost only $5 for the whole day.   I also want to make a trip to Burlington Coat Factory and the thrift store for some clothes for my son's.

I am reading~   A Slice of Murder
  by Chris Cavender

I had a pulse out last week about a web sight I found for lists of mystery authors~  She has a list of  no profanity/faith based authors as well.  I am always looking for decent reading mysteries.

I am praying~ Praying for our little family.  We have some big changes coming up.  Praying that all will go smoothly with #1 sons dream of joining the Coast Guard.  Praying he will do well with this last term of college.  Praying always for wisdom for myself and my husband.  Pray especially for my husband as he leads us according to the Lord's direction.

Around the house~  Listening to a silly movie playing that the boys are watching.  S-T-U-P-I-D   Smelling a mulled cider candle.  Thinking about having a snack.

One of my favorite things~   Clean sheets, fresh popcorn a good book. 

I am sharing~  We enjoyed three days of forced family bonding time this week.  It was peaceful and relaxing even if it rained most of the time we were gone! Here is the evidence that we spent three days camping in the rain.


The first few pictures are taken before the rain began.  The next day and  half, was pretty wet.  We forgot to pack the big tent.  The boys slept in the van.  We threw a big tarp over the tent so it did stay pretty dry inside.  This was a great camp sight.  Behind me was a dry creek bed and a hill covered in forest.  We were alone in this area. 

The recent rains made all the fungus active.  It was so neat to see all the color and shapes of the mushrooms.



After rain

Before rain (Camping in June)

Dingman's Falls

A visitor

Male bonding time...  4 hour canoe adventure, in the rain.


Have a great weekend friends!



  1. I LOVE Burlington Coat Factory and Thrift stores! Hope you find some good bargains for the boys!  Glad that I'm not the only one still in Pjs!

  2. Do you have a Costco membership? I have found it much easier just to upload my pictures on their site and then they mail them to you for free.

  3. @myall4christ81 - I may upload to wal mart.  No costco membership and sam's club is 35 minutes away.

  4. Thanks for sharing.  I have been uploading to Shutterfly and picking them up at Target.  (works for me)    Will pray

  5. LOL, love the pic of the bad hair!!!Looking at those rainy camping pics makes me cold!! bbrrrr!!!

  6. I love the bad hair day pic as well. thats hilarious!!!

  7. I also love the bad hair day pic, lol....funny! And your waterfall pic makes me want to get up to the mountains for a hike!

  8. Thanks for all your news.  I am glad to know that I am not the only one who sometimes stays in jammies all day long, With my new doo, sometimes I don't even check the mirror all day long, how cool is that.  I love you little girl.