Friday, August 6, 2010

~It's Not Thursday~


~~It's Not Thursday~~

Outside My Window~   It's warm outside.  I was cleaning the bathroom this morning with the window open.  I was hearing a jay scolding somthing, cicadas humming and crickets chirping.

I am thinking~  I am thinking about my weekend of family time.  I'll spending it with two of my favorite fellows.  Looking forward to eating fair food, looking at the exhibits and swimming in the hotel pool.  I am thinking that in a few weeks we'll be back to school!

 From the kitchen~  From the kitchen tonight...hobo dinner.  Foil packets filled with apple sausages, carrots, potato, onion, garlic, and green pepper.  Maybe served with sliced tomato from my garden.

Photo abflowers5609.jpg

 I am thankful for~    My sister and my Mom.  Missing them both a lot recently.

I am wearing~   Denim capris, a blue tee shirt and leather sandals.  I have removed the toenail polish and am thinking about painting my toes ravishing red or shocking orange.

 I have been~    I have been to the airport twice this week  to shuttle my manly man back and forth.  Been out shopping with my children.  I enjoyed some chinese take out this week.  Went to the library this morning.  Exciting life huh?

I am reading~   New book tonight.  Probably a mystery.

I am watching~   I am watching "Campion" the complete second season.


Around the house~   Sandblasting Toyota parts in the back yard, sword war in the upstairs living room, load of wash washing, load in the dryer.   Smelling vanilla cupcake upstairs, coconut scented plug-in downstairs. 

I am Praying~   Praying for myself.  Praying always for wisdom. Praying for the bachelors.  They seem to be doing okay.  Mickey is getting into a routine that works for everyone... but him.  He is going to daycare during the day and has chosen to dislike it.  He is back to being cranky.  It's not bad most days but wears out my patience when we are spending about 7 hours with him on Sundays!  Still praying also for a situation going on that we need wisdom and peace about.

Upcoming Events   Going to see the New Jersey State Fair.  I KNOW  I am a redneck...and love it!  Our hotel is about 10 miles from the fairgrounds but has a POOL and HOT TUB!! 

Erie County Fair by e_felger.

Upcoming Plans~     Someone I used to go to high school with is traveling through the area for work the next month and has asked to see me.  I can't wait!  I'll be sure to post pictures.  I have not seen this friend for 22 years!

Listening To~    I bought a new c.d. this week and am listening to it.  I sure miss oldies radio stations!


I love this company and the cd's they put out.



  1. Oooh, the fair sounds wonderful! So does the swimming pool at the motel! LOL We're talking about starting school after Labor Day weekend. I don't know if I want to wait that long or not, though. Part of me dreads the thought of starting again and part of me looks forward to it. Crazy, huh?

  2. OH go with shocking orange!!  I love that color for summer! the fair sounds fun, but HOT! At least you can cool off in the pool, yay!!

  3. Is the fair really considered redneck?  I mean, yes, you do see a lot of "crazies" but it reminds me of the old movies where the young loves wander through and kiss on the ferris wheel.  It does take on a new spin when the kids are in tow and everything costs a fortune.  Do have fun though!And I miss you tons too!