Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fabulous Fair Times


August Pics 012  

The last few hotels we have stayed in, have had the cutest little kitchens.  Fully equipped and ready to cook.  If I didn't have so much 'stuff' in my kitchen, this is the size of kitchen I'd love. 

I hope that you all will forgive today's post.  I took lots of pictures and the pictures tell a story.  So if you don't like looking at pictures...skip this post!

August Pics 015

He thought this little closet would make a fun bedroom for himself.

August Pics 016

After our swim in the hotel pool on Saturday we drove down the road to the antique mall and spent a relaxing hour browsing the merchandize. 

We took a drive through the country after dinner and found this church and had a chuckle over their sign.

August Pics 018  

We also saw this pretty little church and behind it was the old school house.

August Pics 019

August Pics 020

Back to the hotel to watch a movie before bed.

August Pics 022

Our snacks.

After a great breakfast waffle breakfast in the hotel Sunday morning, we headed off to the fair.

We watched the cattle showmanship competition.

August Pics 026  

I love this one...it had such pretty eyes.  It was a bit excited to be in the show ring as well, so it kept kicking up it's heels, it's eyes reflected its excitement. 

August Pics 027

August Pics 029

A goat pillow.

August Pics 030

This big goat loved to be petted and paid attention to.  It was watching two women talking off to the right.  Its eyes would watch whomever walked by.

August Pics 033

Getting licked by a miniature goat.

August Pics 036

I enjoyed the small animal barn.  We saw some amazing geese, ducks, chickens and rabbits. 

August Pics 037  

August Pics 039

I loved all the spots!

August Pics 040

"Hey!  Where did they all go?  Guys?  Hello?"

August Pics 042

Beautiful color on this little bunny.

August Pics 045

This was my husbands favorite part.  He even brought home a brochure for this tractor.  Now we just need a place to put a tractor such as this!

August Pics 048

Leaning how to spin his own wool.  After the demonstration, he said he wanted his own spinning wheel.  He was going to learn how to knit his own clothes after he spun hair from Banjo our dog.

August Pics 049  

Fair food.  Yes, this was mine.  Tasty!!

My favorite event was the fiddle competition.  These brothers won first place for their age category.  We found out later, that they are all homeschooled!


August Pics 054

This little man on the right was only 5 years old.  He was adorable!  I believe he was second place winner.

August Pics 061

August Pics 063

This was #2 son's first experience with a mime.  He wasn't sure what was going on.  He was very reluctant to get closer to the mime.  I was crying from laughing so hard at my son.  Later he asked if the guy was 'real' or fake.  He thought it was a robot!

August Pics 065


August Pics 066

Fun house mirror maze.

August Pics 067

The ferris wheel with Mom and Dad.  He is afraid of heights, so he was petrified.

August Pics 072

 August Pics 077

Fishing for a prize.

August Pics 080  

Almost done.  We are fair-ed out by this time.  Eating one last snack and then heading back to the hotel.

August Pics 082

Sunset over the corn field.

August Pics 084  

Have a great week!  Hope you enjoyed the trip to the fair with us



  1. I DID ENJOY IT! That looked like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love goats. We have had some, and I want some more. Such character!!

  2. I love that little church, how cute.  Simply Apple is soooo good, one of my favorite juices!Our county fair is this week, and we are excited to go. Seeing your pictures got me even more excited!  Just looking at your ferris wheel picture gave me that nervous feeling in my stomach! I love big rides, huge roller coasters, but HATE the ferris wheel!Happy Tuesday to you. =)

  3. Thanks for the trip to the fair and for sharing your pix with us 

  4. Thank You!  You made me wish hard that the Georgia National Fair was here.  I have to wait until October for that and even if DH doesn't wanna go again this year, I think I'll go all by myself.  Love it.  Besides, do corn dogs taste better anywhere else than on the fairway?

  5. we did enjoy the fair with you! I should post my fair pics too!

  6. Oh yes that was fun!!! I love the school house! Cute!