Thursday, August 12, 2010

~~It's Thursday!~~

August Pics 092

(Yep...that's the real color of my lawn.  I don't water it.  I like a small water bill every month.  The trees would soak up a lot of water too.)

Outside My Window~   Outside my window it's cooler with occasional sprinkles.  I long for a great thunder storm with lightening. . . some good, soaking rain.  I know. . . I am weird.

I am thinking~  I am thinking about getting some lesson plans organized for our 1st grade year.  Looks like I need to order manuscript book instead of cursive.  I also am going to go to the college bookstore tomorrow to purchase #1 son's books before I run out of money! 

August Pics 088

 From the kitchen~  Chicken breasts and stove top with cream of chicken soup in the crock pot.  Tomorrow is my big grocery shopping day.  I'll be heading over to Sam's Club for meat and salad dressing along with my usual trip to Aldi's.

 I am thankful for~    I am thankful for the life I have lead.  I am thankful that I serve the Lord.  I can admit I have made mistakes but I don't want to live my life over.

I am wearing~   Khaki capri's, pink tee and bare feet.  I still need to have a home spa day and paint my toes and work on a manicure. 

  I am reading~   Went to the library last week but haven't read anything worth recommending.

I am watching~   Started a new series.  Not sure how I heard about it.  Definitely more of a guy show.

 I Spy, Robert Culp, Bill Cosby

((I Spy))

Around the house~   I vacuumed really good this morning.  You know, under the couch cushions, under my bed, behind my nightstands and along the edges of the floors.  Put on a new candle, Tropical Melon.  Dishes are clean.  I need to water my garden. 

August Pics 089

(I did have to vacuum around these...)

I am Praying~   Praying for the bachelors...still.  Mickey couldn't get his key to work in the main house door on Tuesday.  He got someone to break the door in for him.  Mickey is now miffed that his landlord expects him to pay for the repairs.   My manly man went over last night to asses the damage and decided the repair will take more time than he can spare this weekend.  We have told Mickey's guardian . . . we'll see what happens.  Mickey will continue to call me until it gets done even though I am not in charge of the situation.  (I answer my phone...)

  Upcoming Plans~     I'm going to start work updating my photo albums like I had planned six months ago.  It will be a good project to do before I start home school.  We're starting to plan what we want to do for our anniversary this year.  Camping?  A drive up to Maine?  A 4X4 trip in the refurbished (AGAIN) Toyota?

August Pics 091

(She is being put back together...slowly )

Sharing with You~  I found some good blogs recently that I can recommend for you to browse.

Have a great weekend friends!



  1. Thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check them out. :0)  I spent most of the morning going through curriculum.  Hopefully I can finish up tomorrow and decide on what to use.  We just have so much around here!!

  2. LOVED Abeka elementary stuff! Miss those days!

  3. Thanks for sharing the links, I will check them out.  I would choose Maine!  That is one state I have always, always wanted to visit.  It is much closer for you, it's quite a big trip for us. I think you should go and post lots and lots of pictures!!! =) 

  4. thanks for the links!! :)would you believe our "watering" water is free? Free irrigation water in the summer, gotta love it!

  5. This week has been cooler here too....I am not looking forward to the rain towards winter, but I would love a good summer thunderstorm with lots of lightening...but that does not happen here in the Sierra foothills.  Hope your homeschool plans come together still seems strange to me that homeschooling is over and both kids are in they just want to bounce ideas off me for homework.I am not very organized with cooking...I live close to where I work, so I walk home, look in the fridge and cupboards and quickly make something before going back to work within the it was spaghetti with a vegan white sauce which my dh loved! I am wearing...jeans and black t-shirt and barefeet now I am home from work.I am thankful that God knows the future and will take care of me because it surely looks dark to me most of the time.Loved visiting here today...blessings to you dear friend,  Colleen

  6. I'm going to check out these blogs too.  Thanks for sharing!