Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~


Outside my window~  It was supposed to storm yesterday.  It was pretty peaceful at our place.  A sprinkling of rain, but no thunderstorms.  We need more rain.  It's pretty humid today.  Not sure what the weather will hold.

I am thankful for~  I am thankful that God meets my needs.  I am thankful that he has given me everything I have.

   From the learning room~  We managed to get to the library this week.  My little student checked out about 8 books and has read them all.  We may go back to the library today for more books for him.

My little student has a piano recital on Sunday afternoon.  He is playing the hymn "This Is The Day"  It sounds so GOOD!

From the kitchen~  I've been trying to grill out the nights I cook.  It seems to keep the house much cooler.  I invented a dessert recipe that I'll share~

(my pie looks similar to this one, except it tastes so much better spread with cool whip on top!)


Peanut Butter Pie

**Makes two pies**

2 Chocolate Oreo crusts (1 ½ C. crushed Oreos with ¼ stick melted butter.  Press into 2 EZ foil pie pans)

1 block Cream Cheese, softened

1 C. peanut butter, chunky

2 instant Chocolate flavor pudding mixes

3 C cold milk

1 small tub cool whip, thawed

Beat cream cheese until light and fluffy with electric mixer.  Add peanut butter to cream cheese.  Fold to incorporate..  Divide mixture between the two crusts, Spread.  Add pudding mixes to large bowl.  Add milk.  Whip with wire whisk until mixture is smooth and thick.  Divide pudding mixture between the two pies.  Pour on top of peanut butter layer.  Cover with plastic wrap.  Chill thoroughly.  When ready to serve, add ½ tub whipped topping to each pie.  Garnish with chopped peanuts or chocolate shavings.  Serves 16.

I am wearing~   It's early in the day yet.  I am still waring my pj's.  It's time to change my pedicure.  Hot pink today.  I took some picture of my white hair for you to see.

  I am creating~  I made a watch as a thank you gift for my son's piano teacher.

I used a lot of black beads and found some musical charms to hang from it.  I think it turned out so pretty!

My camper curtain project . . .NOTHING.  I am still thinking about it, if that counts as being creative.

  I am thinking~  Thinking about vacations, family, weddings, dresses, moving, budgets, retirement, curriculem, bible college.

(what do you think of the dress on the left?)

I am reading/watching~ 

We are still enjoying two series via netflicks~  Road to Avonlea and Emily of New Moon.

Emily of New Moon

Favorite Things~  My husband bought a canoe on Saturday.  I guess kinda like buying himself a Father's Day gift.  We took it out Saturday afternoon to our favorite little pond and fished about 6 hours.  The adults didn't have any pads for our rear-ends so we were pretty sore Sunday.  We took the canoe back out Monday evening for an hour on another little nearby lake, with rear- end pads.  We are sure enjoying having our fishing licenses this year!

(another sunset)

We finally saw a New Jersey Black Bear on this trip.  We've heard about sightings of bears when we've been camping.  We've even seen signs of them in the campgrounds.  This bear had THREE cubs with her!  When we started exclaiming loudly from the van . . .  "Look there is a BEAR.  Look there are three cubs!"  (That's me saying that.)  Behind me, still in the van, is my wonderful protector of a husband saying, "Get a bit closer for your picture.  Move over closer to the fence. Cant' you get any closer?   CLOSER!"

I don't think this picture shows them, but the cubs were in this tree.

Around the house~  Things are fairly clean.  I need to tidy up tomorrow.  Run the vacuum upstairs. Dust. We may have two rounds of company this weekend.  My friend from high school on Saturday.  Chris and Sharon on Sunday after the piano recital.
 I am praying~  Praying very hard for the desires of my heart.  For friends, for far away family.  Praying for my blog friends.
Something to share~  In the Coast Guard, prior to transfer season, a list is published with available jobs within that rate/rank.  We call it a "Shopping List"  The enlisted person takes the shopping list and uses it to fill out a list of jobs they'd like to be sent to next.  That list is then called a 'dream sheet' because your dreaming of the next place you'll be stationed.    You put them in the order you prefer, #1 being the job you'd like to go to most.  When we came here, this job wasn't even on our 'dream sheet.'

(this is a picture of the shopping list, around 27 jobs, more or less, for my husbands rate/rank)

This is our 'dream sheet' 

The one that says CGIS NORTHWEST REG is Seattle.  The one in the middle that says DD-PANAMA EXPRESS is Sarasota, Florida.  The one at the end that says NAVAL CRM INV SERVICE is a two year, unaccompanied deployment to Bahrain.

We tried to choose jobs in our desired location, west coast.  We tried to choose jobs that would be exciting for my husband; San Diego, Bellingham, Texas, Florida

The job in Bahrain would be a hard job as a family because we can't go, but it would help prepare our family for retirement from the military.  It holds many exciting possibilities as well.

We should hear about our next assignment before November.

We are confident the Lord will place us where HE would have us.  HE always does.  Please join us in prayer that the Lord would send us to the job he'd have us to go.

  ~~Have a GREAT weekend Friends!~~


  1. The pies sounds wonderful!  :)  We've had temps in the 100s with a heat index of 115.  Shew.  Have a great Thursday! 

  2. @TrentTribe - I hope the heat doesn't bother you too bad!  The pies are great served VERY cold!

  3. I cannot believe how well you are pulling off that hair!!!!! You look so GREAT in it!!!!! I can just hear yall 2 in the van with the bear episode!!! LOLOLBahrain~ wheres that at? I'm afraid to ask!!!Congrats on the canoe!!! that looks like so much fun. We have a lake here and the lady that lives there has a canoe. But she is so overbearing, we never get to go use it.

  4. @betheelou - thats what I was afraid of. Have yall been apart before?

  5. @victoriantomboy - Yes, the job he had prior in San Diego was a deployable job.  I'm proud to say, I handle deployments well.  It bothers him more.

  6. @betheelou - thats comforting to know that you can handle that well. I'd go zonkers!!!!

  7. The sunset pictures are so pretty! That pie looks delicous. Bellingham. . as in Bellingham, WA?? That's where I'm from  How often do you have to move? That would be fun. I've never lived anywhere other than the Pacific Northwest - I'm twitchy if I can't see water! You have such a pretty dog - what kind is it?

  8. Your hair looks GREAT!And those pies...I'm gonna have to try them. :)

  9. @fourkidsonemom - Yes Washington State!  We move about every 4 years, plus or minus.Our dog is Banjo, a miniature Australian Shepherd.  He is about 17 inches at the shoulder and 35 pounds.  He is 5years old and has a summer 'puppy' cut right now.

  10. Well, you know where I'd like you to move.  Your youngest son has some cousins over here that he would get along with swimmingly.  And an aunt that would love to play piano with him.Your canoe reminds me of that time we were out in that little rowboat on a lake, in the rain, singing hymns together.  Love that memory.  ♥

  11. @onehappymomma - I am excited to see where the Lord will put us