Thursday, June 9, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

Outside my window~  HOT, Humid, storms coming tonight.  Cooler tomorrow.  In fact in New Jersey, we've had record breaking heat.

I am thankful for~  Good Friends.

Chris' parents visiting from Germany.  We're having ice cream at a local eatery with them.

From the learning room~ We visited the library last Friday and stocked up with movies and books.

We've been reading.  I am in the middle of the book of John in the N.T., it's one of my favorites!


  From the kitchen~  Something cool.  Maybe turkey lettuce wraps and brown rice.  This weekend we'll probable take bachelor David out for a birthday meal Saturday.  He has requested Old Country Buffet.  He is turning 49 years old!

 I am wearing~  
A light blue cotton wrap skirt, white tee, unfixed hair.  I'll be doing a home mani-pedi in a short while.  I think orange polish will be fabulous for the toes!

   I am creating~  Thinking about the camper curtain project, making a watch with a music theme for #2 son's piano teacher.  I also am tweaking my blog today.

  I am thinking~ I think I've posted this verse before.  It came to mind again yesterday.

"He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good:
and what doth the Lord require of thee,
but to do justly,
 and to love mercy,
and to walk humbly with thy God."

Micah 6:8

(why do we have to make things difficult?)
   I am reading/watching~   A new book this week about tea and mysteries...

I am watching some of the same video series from netflicks.

Another Lucy M. Montgomery video series.  She is one of my favorite authors!

Favorite Things~  FISHING!!
We found a small pond this week that has HUGE carp fish.  Carp look like big goldfish.  Of course, this is a picture of one of the smaller fish.

  Around the house~   The air conditioning is running.  Tom and Jerry are sharing their mischief with #2 son on the television.  We're avoiding being in the heat today.  We've been swimming 4 out 5 days recently.  Dishes done.  House needs dusting.
 I am praying~  For the desires of my heart, for my attitude, for wisdom, for far away family, for #1 son . . .

  Something to share~   I heard a good song yesterday on the Florence Henderson Show on RLTV

By The Grace of God
(click on the title to take you to YOU TUBE and a video of the song.  I love the words to this song they touched me yesterday!)

~~Have a GREAT weekend Friends!~~


  1. I love orange toes in the summer!  So pretty.  I like your new blog look.  The tea setting is particularly elegant.  :)  Can't wait to see the curtains you make for the camper.  Have a great afternoon!

  2. OOOOOOO~ I LOVE red willow!!! I like it better than Blue. Such a pretty statement for your blog, it suits you!Tom and Jerry, I aint seen any of their stuff in a LONG time!And you look WONDERFULLY COMFORTABLE today! Perfect for these balmy stuffy days.Tell Bachelor David Happy Birthday from some cyber friends

  3. Love the new look on here.  So glad you are doing something for David's birthday.  He has great friends in your family.  I really used to like the Country Buffet but both of them in Syracuse have closed     Record heat here in NY also.

  4. I love your new background. It's so pretty.  I just painted my toes orange (-ish pink.) It's called "Lunch at the Dehli". My mom gave it to me for my birthday last year.Our HOT just ended last night. Yesterday was 58!!!  40 degree drop! It's crazy.We were swimming sweatshirts today.Brown rice lettuce wraps sound yummy.  Enjoy your day. =)

  5. @oldfatgramma - Golden Corral is better.  We don't have any of those nearby.

  6. Love the pic of you and the carp. Love all the pics, actually! You look so relaxed and content! Good photos!I want to go fishing and swimming, but have put it off. I've gained so much weight over the winter/spring. (nervous eating)Scones and Bones....................looks so sinister and good! Let me know how you like it. I'm hoping to find new reading material.

  7. @betheelou - I know, we don't have them here either.  Go when we are in Raleigh!

  8. I love your teacup/teapot background!! And I think orange toenails would be perfectly lovely. I hope you have a good weekend.

  9. I am in the middle of reading John too . By the way, I think a couple of weeks ago you recommended the "n°1 womens detective agency" movie/series, I watched a couple of short videos and youtube and thought it was very funny , so I ordered it Amazon - where luckily it was on sale - I got it yesterday and can't wait to watch it .

  10. You are a busy, busy lady. I enjoyed reading your post. I'm heading over to look at some of your recipes that caught my eye.   I like your new background, too.

  11. I can't tell you how long it has been since I painted my toenails, I can only reach one foot comfortably. Perhaps next time we are together, you can help me out.  I love you all so much.  Momeeeee

  12. Very pretty background! It's so relaxing to just look at. I love netflix! I've watched several shows and series via netflix. ~Denise