Thursday, June 2, 2011

~~It's Thursday!~~

(I am adding pictures from our three day camping trip in this post.  Sorry that it is so long.  Enjoy!)

(picking up the trailer last week.  Learning how to dis-assemble it.)

Ready to go to its new home. . . OURS!

Outside my window~  Cooler and less humid than the last several days.  It's so nice outside!

I am thankful for~  Being away for a short camping trip.  So peaceful.  Great fishing!

(Promised Land State Park, Pennsylvania.  Mid week= almost empty campground!

(10 minutes later camp is all set up.  Let's go fishing!)

  From the learning room~  Reading for myself and my student.  I've been so busy fishing lately, I've had no time to read the New Testament.  I feel behind!

From the kitchen~  My menu is messed up.  I have to go to Sam's Club and purchase meats.  I am thinking of roasted chickens and maybe a turkey.  Pulled pork.  Lots of food from the barbecue outside and salads!  soon we'll be enjoying fresh garden tomatoes, melon and corn on the cob!

(A pretty stone church nearby the camp.  I could picture  a bride posing in front of the doors for pictures.)

 I am wearing~   Green capris and a white tee with bare feet and painted toes.
I am creating~  Thinking now about curtains for the camp trailer.  I have to look for a special track hardware.  I'm in no hurry to get them completed.

(The top green fabric is going to be the valance.  The white fabric with blue and green camper curtains.  The rest of the pile is all extra because I couldn't decide.  Thank goodness for the thrift store.  This fabric would have cost me over $150 at the fabric store.  $20 at the thrift store!)

(Isn't it pretty?  So peaceful)

(My guys.)

I am thinking~ Oh yes.  The brain cells are working.  I think!

I am watching~  A new series.  It seems pretty decent so far. 
Food and mysteries, a great combination.

  Pie in the Sky Poster

Favorite Things~  Nice weather.  Cool days.  Relaxing with a fishing pole.  My guys.

(I found this moth by the restroom door and brought it back to camp for a picture. . .or two!)

Around the house~   Laundry is going.  Gotta wash those camping clothes.  Everything else is presentable.  I probably should vacuum and dust.  Eventually.

(We loved some of the styles of the little cabins.)

(This one is For Sale.  Want to move to the Pocono mountains with me?)

(My husband found the snake.  We thought he was 'playing' dead and set him on a rock to warm up.)

I am praying~  For the desires of my heart.  For wisdom.  For far away family.

(A Momma deer with a new fawn.  And a snapping turtle making a nest at the side of the road.)

Something to share~   I have two sons.  I am constantly amused at the things they find interesting.  It's all so . . .  BOY!

He spent 2 days collecting caterpillars that fell from the trees at our camp sight.  He saved them and we fed them to the fish on the lake.  He had caterpillar poop on his hands and he was spitting in that cup to keep them moist.

We also played a game on the drive to Pennsylvania and back.
 How many dead deer laying at the side of the road?    Answer=10

We also tried to remember what we saw.

10 or more species of fish that we caught.
 big bugs
Live deer
ducks with babies
Guinea hens
biting flies

~~Have a GREAT weekend Friends!~~


  1. Sounds like a fabulous 3 days.....pix are great.  I love, love, love the fabric and especially the deal you got!  Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. we were talking about the Poconos yesterday!!!!  thats where I wished we could have went on our honeymoon. We watched "UP" and it reminded me. Made me sad too.Great pictures of a great time!

  3. @victoriantomboy - What a great movie!!  I loved it camping.  Weekends up there are busy because it's such a short drive from NYC.  But we loved our quiet time.  I'm looking forward to more!Where did you go for your honeymoon?

  4. @betheelou - our honeymoon wasn't exactly a honeymoon. We went to a local run down hotel and I was up vomiting from a high fever and strep throat!!!!!

  5. Love your camping trip and the neat place you went and the fun things your young son finds to do--that second moth pic is really good!

  6. i wandered here from your comments on onehappymama's site...and as i read through this post I was like..ohhhh, ohhh, ohh. so be prepared for several questions and comments ;)first of all, we just got a trailer last year. we bought it from our neighbor across the street. so one day we had to go across the street to have a special lesson on how to do it all, i think my parents actually wrote down the steps cause there were so many of them!!i'm intrigued by your changing the curtains in your trailer. i'm not sure of the year buut they are definately not so fashionable...are you going to impliment your own 'design; for these or have you found something online or perhaps in a book that has given you some direction in this area?that park where you guys went is absolutely gorgeous....i was particularly excited to see the fishing, cause i know how grand it is to get a catch!! so exciting. once when we were at the lake i caught a tiny sunfish and my dad grilled it up. there was about a spoonful for each person, but i was SOOO proud!speaking of pulled pork, do you happen to have a recipe that you are particularly fond of. I have stumbled upon pulled pork several times and always enjoyed it but never found a recipe that completely made my mouth water with its goodness.that Pie in the Sky series sounds great. i'll definately have to look into it. police work and food... definately my cup of tea as wellLOVE those cabins you found. they look so rustic and homey and if they are in the Poconos they are definately surrounded by some serious beauty!!boys are intriguing little men aren't they. children in general always intrigue me with their resourcefulness and knowledge of spitting in the cup to keep them wet. sounds interesting.very much enjoyed this post. i hope you don't mind if i subscribe to you!

  7. Does your trailer have a kitchenette?  I've never seen inside one of those.  How wonderful for you guys though!!  I know you'll use it lots this summer.  ♥  Love you.

  8. @mytoesareblue - onehappymomma is my sister and sharolsplace is our Mom.  No the curtains are not fashionable.  They are pink.  Not very manly either for camping with my men.  I went to the thrift store and bought curtain/drape panels in a material I like.  Sheets would also make and inexpensive material for making curtains as well.I'll make a valance an and attach some lace to the valance and put the privacy curtain on the bottom. Like three layers, valance top, lace middle, privacy bottom.  (I'll be sure to take pictures of the process when I get ready to sew!)  I have to take the old hardware off the old curtains and have my husband drill some holes in them so that I may hand sew the hardware to the new curtains.  (I think sewing the heavy, thick curtain hardware with my machine, will break needles and damage my machine.)I love fishing.  It's so relaxing. We mainly catch and release.  Our little son wants us to keep some so we can have a big fish fry.For the pulled pork,  I like buying a hunk of pork loin form a place like Sam's Club.  Cut it up, usually into three or four roasts.  Freeze the other three.  I'll sprinkle the roast with Mrs. Dash and a Montreal grill spice.  Take it out to the bbque and brown it on all sides.  Bring it in and set it in a crock pot with a tiny amount of water added.  Let it cook on low 6-8 hours.  Pull it with a couple forks.  Add barbecue sauce.  And you have bbque pulled pork for sandwiches.  Leftovers make for good topping for pizza.  You can also skip the bbque sauce and add whole jalapeno's and a chopped onion, a bit of water, and cook 6-8 hours on low.  Pull the pork with a couple forks and use the meat to stuff burritos!!  YUM!You should look into the series called Rosemary and Thyme fro the BBC.  It's one of my favorites about two older ladies who go into a gardening business together and stumble on mysteries.  I also love Masterpiece Mysteries-  Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.  They recently did one about a new Sherlock Holmes set in modern time that was good.  All are available through netflicks or the PBS websight.On my main page I have links to some of the recipes I talk about on my blog.Enjoy reading new friend!

  9. @onehappymomma - It has a sink with water faucet.  You can hook it up to a hose for water.  But no water storage tanks.  It drains with a drain hose attached to the sink drain.  It came with a two burner camp stove that run on propane and has a counter top area inside to set it on.  It also has a mount to put it outside the trailer.  I took the stove out and set it in the garage.  I think I'd prefer to cook with the Coleman stove on the picnic table far way from the trailer canvas!The beds are around double size with the dinette making into a bed a bit wider than a twin.  So it sleeps 5-6.  The box measures about 6 1/2 by 8 1/2.  It took 10 minutes to get set up!  A bit longer to dis assemble because we had to do this dishes and clean the stove before packing.Stacey says it is in the smaller size range of the medium size tent trailers.  He was so happy not to have to set up tents, blow up a mattress and sleep on the ground.  I think the trailer was more for him than for me!Can't wait to go back west and not have to camp with so many crowds!I'll take pictures of the inside next time we go out.

  10. I so enjoyed your picture show, I am not very out doorsy I don't fish or camp, lol. However I do like to sight see all the critters, & sceenry just beautiful, you must post pics of the curtains, what a deal on the fabric got to love thrift stores I do!

  11. I see many happy days of camping in your future!  Lucky girl!  :)