Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday!

Outside my window...
Mid morning traffic sounds.  A crisp fresh day!

I am thinking... I am thinking about far away family today.

From the learning rooms... vowel sounds, color review, counting review.

(new charts hanging in the schoolroom.)

I am thankful for...A wise and wonderful husband.

From the kitchen... Not following the menu this week at all.  Last night we had black bean and ham soup with hot cornbread.  I think my oven has been on everyday this week!  The cooler weather is nice for cooking!

I am wearing... Still in my pj's, clutching my hot cup of black coffee!

I am reading...

Ann Tatlock's  Every Secret Thing

I am hoping... Not sure what my hopes are for today. 

I am creating... Working on filling out lesson plans now that I have my parent kits.  I am trying to combine  Kindergarten and First grades.  The first few months will be a lot of double lesson days trying to learn phonics so we can read!

I am praying... That everything goes smoothly at home while we are gone for our anniversary.  Aahhh so much to worry pray about.  Especially letting #1 son drive around all this traffic with a vehicle...and no curfew or mileage limits or...(?)  Yikes!

Around the house... Windows are open house is getting fresh air.  It's needed.  Some kind of sickness has been going through at church.  We always catch it, whether we want it or not!  My manly man has had it since Monday.  Coughing, sneezing and general misery for the last three days!  He is a LOUD sick person too!  Makes us all realize that yes, he doesn't feel good.  Now I must strip my bed and wash linens.  Maybe spray some LYSOL.

One of my favorite things... The sound of my windchime...just outside ...right behind where my desk is.

A few plans for the rest of the week... The men from church are going camping tomorrow night.  I will be home mainly alone until #1 son returns home from work at 12:30 a.m.  I am thinking about having pizza for my dinner and watching a couple really good, girly-girl, cry fest, chick flicks!  (Aww...bummer.  I am not even done with my post and my manly man just called and said he is not going camping after being so sick.  Bummer.  I hate watching girl movies with so much testosterone in the room.  They always check to see what my reactions are going to be!)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

(This is a picture of my maternal grandparents who were married September 9, 1943.  My Mom thinks I resemble her.  Do you think so?)


  1. I've always thought you had Grandma's smile.  The eyes are a bit different though.  She looks like a movie star don't you think?You must have gone shopping through Abeka...I see all of their charts on your walls.#1 son better be good and careful.  Wow, a whole week?!  Where will little man be?

  2. yes you do! definitely the smile! so neat to have old pics to compare to!

  3. You most definitely have her smile and that little twinkle in the eyes.

  4. @onehappymomma -She is so cute and so young looking.  Her eyes sparkle and she looks so happy!Yes, charts from A Beka. Actually about 12 days for #1 son alone.  Two Sundays back and forth to church and one Wednesday when traffic is terrible crazy.  #2 will be with Maggie's (Aaron's "friend") parents and it sounds like he will get to go on a road trip to West Virginia!  Yikes!!

  5. yes, you do have a resemblance!Your boys will be fine!! I know you wont listen to that tho !!!  LOL Jake leaves in a few days and you cannot tell me not to worry. I DO! Thats being a mom. But do enjoy your trip. I have a friend who is leaving for a cruise tomorrow. Everybody is cruising!!!!! Windchimes and open windows-some of Gods little blessings!!!

  6. Yes, you do look like her.  Cute couple.  I'm so wanting cooler weather here.  It's been  hot here.  When is fall coming.We've had the same yucky sickness going around our church, too.  Hubby has it but of course will not stay home.  Have a good weekend.

  7. Thanks for "visiting"my site.I like"meeting"new friends through xanga.I also love new recipes! I'll have to try some you have posted.Blessings!