Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Thursday!

It's Thursday!

Outside my window... A slightly dark, cool, fall day.

I am thinking... About my anniversary trip of course...only 13 more days to go!

From the learning rooms... vowel sounds, BLENDS!  Numbers after 20, counting by two's and five's.  money and time.  It's double days for the first few months.  He seems to be doing so well with it, he is a GREAT student.  It takes us about an hour to complete our work.

This picture is something my parents saved of my school work from first or second grade.  I am sooo thankful for spell checker on my computer now!

#1 son and I figured I was writing about fall and the color of trees when the leaves change!  Too funny!  It made for a good laugh and several jokes about being a home school teacher!

I am thankful for...The growing season I had in my tiny garden.  I absolutely love fresh tomatoes.  They are one of my all time favorite foods.  This is the first "garden"  I've had that I have grown things successfully.  The cucumber is dying now and so are the tomatoes.  They know it's fall!  I think my little hummingbirds are gone also.  We had some rain here over the weekend and the little hummer was faithful to the feeder in the rain but I haven't seen him since!

(one of the last little cucumbers.  Not sure what he is trying to be!  Squash?)

From the kitchen... Daddy's away so the kitchen has been offering different items.  This week we've had taco's, popcorn, waffles.  This afternoon we are having teriyaki ribs, brown rice and green beans.

I am wearing... Still in my pj's, clutching my hot cup of black coffee!  But I have been clothes shopping this week.  I purchased purple shirts for our family pictures.  I also bought some accessories, necklaces and such for my trip.  I think I am going to pack all skirts and tops and wear dresses to dinner.  My manly man will be wearing some nice short sleeve casual shirts and cargo type pants.   I only have one dinner outfit picked for him so far.

I am reading... The Potluck Club by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson...(recipes included!  And it says it's 'christian')  Not too far into it, only a few chapters so far.

I am hoping... I always hope time will go by quickly and the Lord will answer my prayers.  Want to know some things on my prayer list?
  • The Lord will move us back to California
  • Godly growth and service in #1 son
  • Salvation of #2 son
  • More babies of my own
  • Godly growth in family members
  • Safety of my men who are driving in CRAZY New Jersey traffic!

I am creating...
Outfits to get packed.  I think I have everything I need for the trip for both my husband and I.

I am praying... Remember what I was praying for last Thursday?..."That everything goes smoothly at home while we are gone for our anniversary.  Aahhh so much to worry pray about.  Especially letting #1 son drive around all this traffic with a vehicle...and no curfew or mileage limits or...(?)  Yikes!"  Friday, he got into a minor fender scrape at the college parking lot.  No damage to our van, a crack in the plastic bumper of the other car, he is not sure he did that.  He was okay about it, not too shook up.  He had only been driving alone for 9 days!!  Please pray for his safety while he is driving!

Around the house... Not too much going on.  I have been slowly removing the hanging flower baskets I had hung up around the house.  I have been dumping the dirt in the flower beds in the back yard.  I have one basket left that has purple petunias in it.  It is still flowering, so I'll leave it up a bit longer.

One of my favorite things... My home and the people in it.  I am always comfortable here.  It's cozy, warm and welcoming.  No place I'd rather be!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Starting some laundry today.  I had been out of bleach.  I have a pile of white towels to wash.  Nothing really eventful or memorable happening!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

(A place in California I'd like to see...Etna)


  1. love your blogs, it always perks me up!

  2. Your grade school paper is hilarious!  You must have been some cute kid!  ;)

  3. Couldn't you move to Washington instead? Have a great anniversary trip! Craig and I went on a cruise to Alaska this July for our 15th anniversary. We also went on our 10th. We loved it!!! Maybe for our 20th, we will go to Boston for a cruise on up to Canada! That would be great!! We are about to start school, still waiting for our stuff, it should be here today or tomorrow. Baby will soon be born as well!  Always praying for you and your prayer requests! Love you, and miss you!!

  4. My hummers should be leaving in about 2 weeks or so, so when I made them up another batch of stuff yesterday, I added some more sugar so they can be good and "hyped" for their journey. Even tho I know they pretty much burn up what they sip. I hate it every year, cause I so enjoy watching them!

  5. Oh,  I'd love it if you'd move out here to sunny CA.  I'm wishing for some fall weather.  We had rain over the weekend and I had candles burning--it was so nice to have a bit of fall weather.  It's supposed to be hot again this weekend.  The CA picture looks beautiful!  I'm going to go look it up and see how far it is from us.I'm excited for your upcoming trip.  Looking forward to see all the pictures!Have a good day!

  6. I have read all of the "potluck club books", they are quite entertaining!!!wow only 13 days till your trip! How exciting!!!