Saturday, July 4, 2009

What's Up With Us??


Happy Independence Day

We didn't have a very imaginative week.  My manly man was home all week and we just spent it quietly at home not doing too much of any one thing in particular.

We had friends over for chicken salad lunch on Thursday.

blog XII 033

I was able to use some of my homegrown lettuce for our salads!  This will almost finish up our lettuce.  It is overgrown and something keeps stealing my plants, roots and all! (I think it's squirrels!)  After lunch the men went and did car repair in our driveway and I crafted watches with my friend Kim.

blog XII 042

((That is Kim with corn.)

Also on Thursday morning was #1 son's road test.  He passed!  After our company left we took him in to get his license.  He is legal now!  We just have to call our insurance and find out what it will cost to add him on.  We're kinda scared!!

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june blog 168

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Yesterday we received charge of Sierra an 85 pound chocolate lab.  We had fun wearing her out last night so she'd sleep good in a strange house.  I'll try to take more pictures of the two dogs playing together today.  She does love to play and doesn't like to share toys with Banjo!

june blog 167

We don't have special plans for our Independence Day celebration today.  We are going to grill some burgers later.  I am going to fill the kiddie pool for Sierra.  I'll probably also start a fire in the pit and relax.  We do have some sparklers for #2 son for later tonight!

Enjoy your weekend friends!



  1. Kudos to #1 son for passing the driving test.   God is good and has once again answered our prayers.  Looks like you all were having a good time.  Enjoy your 4th of July weekend.             Linda

  2. Ah, we seem to be in a similar place in life -- both of my sons are in the process of drivers training -- our 18 year-old waited to get his license because he just didn't feel ready until now. I'm curious -- when you say you "crafted watches" -- what are you doing? I'd love to hear/see more about this :)

  3. Congrats to your son for passing his test!!!  Good for him.  Sierra looks like a cutie!!

  4. Oh boy do I remember those days of driver's training! I was the 'trainer' of all three children! I didn't think I would live through the last one! Now we're facing the grandchildren in a few years. Where does the time go? So, did your lab sleep well? It always takes times to help a new animal adjust. One of my dogs is practically sitting on top of me right now.. scared to death of the fireworks. Poor dear. She was most likely abused by her last owners!

  5. Well I remember when my daughter got her license boy I was a nervous wreck...congrats to your son!ryc: So far so good on the monitor I may have spoke to soon...fingers crossed.Have a blessed day...Linda~

  6. So glad Aaron passed his test! Tell him congratulations for me!!! :)