Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Thursday!

(snowballs on dog fur...too funny)

Outside My Window~
SNOW and lot's of it!

(I am guessing we got about 12 inches or more.  Most things are still closed today.  Manly Man and #1 son have both braved the roads to head to work this morning!)

I am Praying~   For many things and many folks.  My friend Brenda back in NYC for a check up.  Bachelor David returns to work next week.

I am Creating~   Remember my list?  (adding and subtracting from that list!)
#1- I'd like to organize my pictures soon, make prints, add to albums and delete some photo's off my PC!

   I STILL have some chipped paint that needs touched up down here in the family room.  It's bugging me.   Still not done.  I need to find a paint stick to stir the paint.  It's been sitting for 18 months and needs the stirring!  I got a stir stick!  I may finish this project today! 


(finished bathroom with mop board and threshold.  Thanks Manly Men for all the hard work!)

From the kitchen~  Spaghetti and Rosemary Rolls with a big green salad.  Is spaghetti on my menu?

Beside my bed~ Still working on a mystery.  This one is a pastors wife who falls into mysteries.  I am not saying the title because I don't think I will recommend it.  My manly man broke my little DVD player.  I miss it.  I have been enjoying Rosemary & Thyme and 5 Mile Creek and Mrs. Bradley mysteries.
From the school room~  Yesterday and today are snow days!  A welcome break.  But we are learning double vowel sounds, sounds of Y, big addition problems.  I am excited by how quick he learns.  I just wish his penmanship was better

I am wearing~  P.J.'s but will be changing to a denim skirt and long sleeve tee, white socks and tennis shoes.

Around the house~ Getting a grocery list together for after payday.  Got a big stocking up trip to do.  I have made way too many trips to the expensive little grocery on the next block lately! 

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Finish up the projects,  grocery shopping later in the week, maybe tomorrow or Monday.  We are expecting two of our nephews to visit for two weeks in March.  They are all set to eat Aunt Beth's cooking and tour some military facilities in the area.  Their trip coincides with a couple birthdays too!  I'd love to go see a Broadway show during their visit.  WICKED!

(old pictures...sorry this is my nephew, Nate)

(this is my nephew, Josiah)

  I am sharing

My friend Brenda has a very big dog, LOBO,  who likes to jump up on folks and sniff stuff.  He'd love to play all the time too.  Brenda has taught him to do tricks in sign language!  So cool


  1. DVD palyer broke already??? Will you be able to return it???

  2. No receipt...didn't register it for warranty either.  Manly man ordered a part to sauder (?) in to fix it.  He busted the jack hole for the ac/dc plug.  I'm glad he can fix it 

  3. Thanks for sharing. cute pics of your dog. 

  4. Glad you're nice and cozy in your warm house.  Love the snow, but I'm glad we don't have to shovel it off the driveway and sidewalks.Yes, I hear ya, I've made a couple trips to the Safeway right around our house.  Those little trips do add up.Your friends dog is beautiful!

  5. Love the pics of your dog's snowball "stash". LOL That was so cute!  Your friend's dog, Lobo, is just beautiful! And how awesome that she was able to train him with sign language!Love the bathroom pic. I need dh to put mopboard up in ours. He still has to remodel the whole thing, so I may pick out some mop board before we get started on it.

  6. Love the snow ball on the dog fur, but doggy looks he is not to happy about it.  Oh man that snow looks cold and slick.  Looks like you have a lot of busy work ahead of you around home.   Love that photo of your friends Brenda's big dog, Lobo.  He looks like he is smiling.

  7. @styx_site - My doggie thought he was in trouble so he rolled over to his back.  I was trying to brush the snowballs from the fur with the towel!

  8. @SealedbyGrace - Don't get the self adhesive kind in the rolls!  Doesn't work so great.

  9. Oh I was hoping we'd have more snow!  I shouldn't complain though, we did get some.  It looks so pretty outside your house.  Cute pictures of your dog.