Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Thursday!

victorian.jpg picture by betheelou
Outside My Window~ Bright sun.  But cold.  Expecting a big snowstorm coming in tomorrow.  Snow will make everything peaceful and cozy.

I am Praying~   For Haiti.  For something about myself.  Far away family.  Church ministries.

I am Creating~   Remember my list from last week?  I can check some things off the list!  #1- I have a kitchen wall that needs primed and painted white.  It has some ugly stains on it that wont wipe away.  DONE!! 


 #2-  I have some chipped paint that needs touched up down here in the family room.  It's bugging me.   Still not done.  I need to find a paint stick to stir the paint.  It's been sitting for 18 months and needs the stirring!


There was a laundry accident a few weeks ago.  Someone (who will remain nameless to protect his identity...) Washed Toyota parts in the the laundry room deep sink and left a washcloth in the sink.  The washer drains into the deep ran a whole load and dumped all the water on the floor.  The water runs right under the wall and stays on the bathroom floor.  The carpet finally dried, after about 5 days...and had weird looking mildew (?) forming on top.  I cut the carpet out of the bathroom (who decided to do that anyway?  Carpeting around toilets is a BAD thing)  and now I need to #3- Purchase some of those peel and stick floor tiles and hide the glue reside from the carpet.  DONE!!   ((Thank You manly man!!))  I need to clean up the old mop board and see if it can be reused!  Or have a Home Depot date and find some replacements.

#4- Bachelor David has a break from work for the next 3 weeks while he continues to heal from his surgery.  He wants to clean out a room at his place.  I volunteered to help him organize it...maybe next week. ((Still no word on this project.  He told me last night he is not very motivated to do this.  I replied that I look for motivation all the time!))

From the Kitchen~  Homemade Mexican tonight!  Yummy!

Beside my bed~ A knitting mystery.
From the school room~  Silent "E",  Blends, Dimes,  Reading, Addition

I am wearing~  Denim Skirt, long sleeve tee, White socks and tennis shoes.

((These are the two beauties I found at Cracker Barrel last week.  I tried finding a link on line for you...couldn't find one.  These are 3/4 sleeve tees in a vintage style.  One is about TEA the other about CHICKENS, two of my favorites!))

Around the house~   Getting ready to go through some trash looking for a reciept to Home Depot to return some things we didn't use for the bathroom project.  Don't you just love that?  I call it 'organizing' away or 'organizing' it to the 'round file.'  House looks pretty good.  I vacuumed yesterday.  Going to make that enchilada casserole soon.  I may see if my hubby wants a date tonight.  I have a Cheesecake Factory or Outback Steakhouse gift certificates!  I'd like to go to Barnes and Noble and read magazines.

A few plans for the rest of the week~   I didn't take any pictures of the company last week.  OOoops!  I think the bachelors may come over for dinner this Saturday.  They have requested pork chops.  I may do pork steak and throw it on the grill with a baked potato and some kind of velveeta covered vegetableSunday is a breakfast at church.  I am taking fruit kabobs.  I have envisioned Sunday school children stabbing each other with kabob skewers however...  maybe they wont!  Oh a good report on my deaf friend Brenda...she is home resting now.  Her biopsy report came in on Monday...benign!(no cancer!)  Yippee!!   I have a Tator Tot Casserole and a dessert to take to her family.  I don't want to drive there by myself.  Maybe tonight...with manly man!

I am sharing~ 

#1 son dressed up yesterday to go to court to contest his first traffic ticket (a burnt out brake light).  He stayed at the courthouse all day.  Making various phone calls to the issuing officer and talking to several important folks at the courthouse.  He was talked out of contesting his ticket!   And will pay the $66 dollars instead.  What a bummer kid!


  1. Do like your Thurs. posts but I am certain by now you know that.  Yea for finishing up projects and your #1 looks fabulous all dressed up, even uf he was talked out of contesting his ticket.  As for David, he sounds like Uncle Roy.  He has been moving over here for months and can't seem to find the motivation to get the boxes packed up so we can move his furniture.  Hubby says we need to just go over there and do it ourselves.  He wants to come and we want him here, we have done all we can do from this end......ugh......very frustrating for me.

  2. OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those shirts are GEOURGEOUS!    I will be looking tomorrow!!!!!!! I hope they have MY SIZE!!I love it when things start getting done!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very handsone number #1 son.  Good for you for getting on top of those little around the house projects and getting them done.   Love the shirts you got from the Cracker Barrel.  Have a fun week end coming up.

  4. Pretty shirts!  I hope you get to go on your date.  Enjoy the snow!

  5. I love those shirts....I have two Cracker Barrel's near me and I love those stores..I'm gonna have to check out the shirts..I'd love to have one :).  Great home improvements...I'm sure you're glad there done!  Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I like the tea shirt!  I bet it feels so good to have things crossed off your list.  Thanks for the inspiration, I think I'll make a list for next week!

  7. Look at you, miss get 'er done!! Way to go!