Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

((our driveway about 9 a.m.))

No football fans here, sorry.  I thought about titling today SuperBETH Sunday, but then, what could I say?

((house across the street))
We got snow yesterday, about 3 inches.   Just to the south of us about 30 minutes, there were folks with over 12 inches.  The heavy snow just missed us.  I was all set to be cozy too.  We did enjoy those cinnamon rolls yesterday.  We even fired up the grill to cook pork chops for the bachelors.  It was yummy!

(Happy to eat home cooking!)

Have a great afternoon!


  1. It's so pretty, the snow!  I am sure everyone has had enough of it by now though.  We are enjoying sunny and cool here.  The stadium where they are holding the Superbowl is about 30 miles south of's supposed to be georgous for the game.  Stay warm and cozy :)

  2. The bachelors look happy to be having to be having a home cooked meal.  That snow looks pretty and cold.

  3. Pretty snow!  You're fattening up your bachelor friends with all Beth's home cookin'.