Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures From the Show

Westminster Kennel Club Show

at Madison Square Garden

Posing in front of the dog he liked, a Mastiff

Looking down on the arena.

I looked for him to on t.v. but didn't see him.  Really I only caught glances of those just off the floor and he said this was mainly the area he worked, in the back, far away from the floor.  He said there were two exciting times in the evening when he thought his service might be needed.  One was a woman who was having a screaming/hitting fit at another woman's child...they removed the WHOLE ROW!  Another was at the end when the P.E.T.A. group crashed the Best In Show award.  They were protesting that animal breeders keep dogs from being adopted out of shelters.


  1. WOW...people are so weird aren't they?That is so cool that your husband got to work there must have been fun seeing all those awesome dogs!!

  2. We looked for him, too, but didn't see him.  He's famous !My hubby commented that this sure beats hanging out in Dutch.

  3. LOVE the pic of the bull mastiff! He's gorgeous! I love big breeds. How awesome that your dh got to work there and enjoy seeing all the different breeds of dog!?!It's sad that people can't just behave themselves and enjoy the show, huh?