Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Monday... and Ramblings

(I found these roses at Aldi's today on my shopping trip for $ 3.99 a half dozen.  I thought they were gorgeous for the price!)

Monday~  Smoked Turkey Dinner...It was delicious

Tuesday~  Oriental Hamburger Casserole (It's been on the menu for about 3 weeks...I still haven't made it!)

Wednesday~  Vegetable Fried Rice, Egg Rolls,  Wantons

Thursday~  Turkey Swedish Meatballs with Egg Noodles, Sweetend Green Beans, Green Salad, Cottage Cheese and Fruit

Friday~  Tomato Soup and Grilled cheese sandwiches

Saturday~  Grilled Chicken Breast, Green Salad, Baked Potatoes

Sunday~  Tereaki Short Ribs over White rice, Cheesy Noodle Casserole, Sweet Potato Fries, Wilted Spinach

((Someone has been asking what we played with when we were children.  I still have a few of my things left.  #2 has been asking to check out all the Barbie stuff and play with it for a bit.  We brought it down from the attic today.  It kept him busy for about 4 hours!  he even got Indiana Jones out to play with Barbie and Ken! )

Can you believe we went out to a very nice dinner Friday?  We enjoyed awesome fellowship with all our friends from church.  I was surprised at the good turnout, about 20 couples.  Most of us went back to the church and played some games.  We got home about 11:30 p.m.!  I FORGOT MY CAMERA.  I have no pictures!

Sunday we ate out instead of in, my manly man took me out for burgers.  We ran into a family from church and enjoyed eating and chatting with them at the restaurant.  No pictures this day either.

Today I braved a Presidents Day 50% off sale at my favorite thrift store...IT WAS CRAZY.  I do not enjoy combat shopping.  No deal is worth it to me.  I did get 4 tops and two animals for Banjo!  There were wall to wall people and it made searching for things very hard!

More snow on it's way tonight.  No great and exciting plans for the rest of the week.  My manly man is working the Westminster Dog Show tomorrow.  He is pretty excited about it.

School resumes tomorrow as well.  The snow and three day weekend were a nice break for my student.

Until Tomorrow...



  1. The roses are very pretty! It's fun to see how your little guy kept busy for so long! MORE snow? I feel for you, unless you love it! And oh, the Westminster Dog show! Your hubby gets to work there!? That would be fun, I think. We watch it every year and my favorite dog never makes it to the top; Cavalier King Charles spaniel! Well, I need to see what's for dinner. Not that I'm eating, but the other family members might want SOMEthing!

  2. @Richgem - He wanted to see the herding group, which would include our breed of dog, Austrailian Shepherd, but I think he'll miss that night.  He is helping in the security aspect of this show

  3. @betheelou - I figured he'd be doing security. We're interested in the herding group too because our bigger dog is half black lab and half probably a herding dog. { ;

  4. I LOVE 2 toned roses! Good buy!! Sounds like you did have a bunch of fun, even if you didnt get pics!! lol

  5. Menu looks great.  OOh Westminster Dog Show.  I was so hoping for the basset tonight.     Roses are very pretty, I love Aldi's.  I have gone there for years but it is only in the last year that I have been buying more than a few things each week. 

  6. Oh, I'm laughing seeing your baby play with your toys.  It looks like he is having a great time.I opted out of shopping to go on a hike with the boys today.  Daddy took us up Mt. Tamalpais--have you been there?  It was so beautiful, a perfect day for a hike, mid 60's.You'll have to let me know how the casserole turns out, it looks interesting. 

  7. Wonderful!!! Your menu looks yummy! Your flowers are pretty

  8. Those flowers are just beautiful! I love them! What an awesome blessing from God!  That's so neat that your son wanted to play with your childhood toys. What a wonderful way to keep the young 'uns occupied! How wonderful for your dh to be able to work at the dog show! I love watching it. My dh noticed the silky yorkshire terrier on it and told me there was NO WAY our yorkie would ever have long hair like that. He seemed to think it would be too much work. lol  (I agree!)

  9. @SealedbyGrace - Yes, long hair on dogs is a lot of work!