Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Friday...Thursday's Post!

Outside my window... Rainy...spring is coming.  I've seen Daffodil shoots.  I think I saw a tree with pollinators shooting out yesterday!

I am thankful for... We've received both our tax returns!  We paid off our van purchase (credit card) and are debt free...Again...We are building up our savings account...anticipating transfer season in 2 years.

I am wearing... Jeans, rose colored tee, my tennis shoes!!  My hair is in a pony tail.  I cut my bangs this morning!

I am praying for... wisdom, contentment, summer, vacations, children, big decisions coming up for #1 son.

I am creating... nothing!  I will be starting the photo update project next week after my nephews leave.

  I am enjoying... A day of rest.  We've been on the go so much.  I HATE city driving.  I did my share of squealing and screaming this past week while my manly man braved the driving!

From my kitchen... Tonight grilled chicken pieces, Baked potatoes, big green salad, chocolate brownies

  One of my favorite things... my job is so rewarding.

  From the learning rooms... Nothing this week.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I want to take the boys to see the ocean tomorrow.  We're supposed to have lots of rain and wind.  I'll be keeping my eye on the weather.  We may go to the beach on Monday.

Around the house...  Smelling some good scented wax, cinnamon and  orange...making the house smell great!

Leaving you with pictures...

(city driving at night...)

(I love all the pretty lights!)

(The pictures from the WICKED show.  No cameras allowed in the theater.  I snuck one...the Dragon in the Emerald City, he hung from the ceiling and his eyes lit up when he was mad.)

(The well kept shop at the merchant marine academy.  I love that color of green!)

(Showing us some of the projects they assemble in this metal shop during the course of instruction)

(the mock up room showing engines (like what you have on a ship!))

Have a great weekend!


  1. I used to hate city driving, I was forced into doing it, and now I'm a little more comfortable with it.  I love city lights, and your pictures are all very nice!  Have a good weekend, I hope you can make it to the beach!

  2. Congrats on being debt-free again! WOO HOO! Praise the Lord for that! We're working on that, too.  Love the pics! Beautiful lights! I've always loved city lights. Love the pic of the dragon!

  3. you.........squeeling and screaming-cant imagine that!!!!

  4. does it still look like it might be TN you get assigned too?

  5. I would rather drive in the city than here where I live on the week ends when the tourists are all coming through to the seaside resorts.  Great photos and hope you have a wonderful week end.

  6. @jimsruby - no billets for us there.  We were talking about there for retirement.  Still not sure what we're going to do!  

  7. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.  Woohoo, debt free...............fantastic!