Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

My Menu

Monday~  Barbecued Pork and bacon pizza with onions...green salad

Tuesday~  Hot Turkey Sandwiches, Wilted Spinach, cottage cheese and fruit

Wednesday~ Smoked Turkey Soup,  Biscuits

Thursday~ Cheese Raviolis with Alfredo sauce, Rosemary Bread

Friday~ Salmon Patties, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Broccoli

Saturday~ Hawaiian Chicken, Rice Roni, Salad

Sunday~  French Toast, Sausage,  Eggs, Hashbrowns


  • We've smoked another turkey today.  It's really been a treat eating it.  This is the second one in the last two weeks!  My manly man likes to have the turkey on his dinner salads.  He has lost over 6 pounds already just changing the way he eats.
  • My manly man is trying to finish up that car project for our friend from church, Brenda.  He almost ready to paint the car.

  • Will be starting that photo organizing project soon.
  • I went to the mall yesterday with #2 son.  It was quiet and peaceful and fun to shop with no crowds.  I bought some new summer shirts from JC Penny.  We ate ate Chic-Fil-A for the very first time.  Did you know that they do not put ONIONS on anything there?
~~have a great day~~



  1. You ate at Chick-fil-A for the first time?  It's one of our favorite fast food chains.  There is one heading out towards Vacaville that we sometimes will drive to when we want a Chick-fil-A fix.  Way to go on your hubby's weight loss.  Does he have weigh ins in April? Have a great Tuesday! 

  2. @jessnboyz - Yes weigh in in April and again in October...it's the pits.  They have the new standards now.  He has to be at 206.

  3. Your menu this week looks FABULOUS!!!!We don't have chick fil a out here, but I have eaten' there before, I remember liking it a lot too, and I hate onions so maybe that's why!

  4. we are having salmon this week too. Trying a new recipe. Been a while since we painted a car. I think doing it is fun. You have to be patient, but its fun!

  5. first time at Chick-fil-A?? I love that place~ they're kinda pricey.. but on Tues.nights here the kids eat free! :)salmon patties is actually one of the things i've been craving since i've been pregnant.. my kids moan when they see the can of salmon come out!! hee hee.

  6. Kudos to hubby on his weight loss.  Car is looking good.  My SIL is a body repair man and a paint color specialist.  I don't like onions either so probably why I like Chick Fil A too.  None around here though, only we go to NC.  I especially like that they are closed on Sun. One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby too!