Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

Smoked Turkey Soup...tonight's dinner

My Manly man...took the day off from work to get that car painted.

Funny Kitty.  She is getting settled into my unmade bed.

This is one of the tops I found at JC Penny.  I'll wear this for Easter maybe with a brown skirt.

And these shoes.

This is the new quilt I ordered for my bed.  I've had the old yellow one for over three years and need a change.  I'll have a purple dust ruffle.  I am not sure about what color sheets.  My new winter sheets are that bright Apple Green color.  Maybe a purple sheet set as well.  Oh I'll probably have to change the valances on the windows too!

Wishing we could do more of this.  So FUN! (beautiful California)

Sandwashed Stretch-Canvas Pants, Cropped
I have ordered two pairs of these capri's for summer.  One is the color shown, the other, khaki.

Oceanwashed Twill Cropped Pants
And one of these, the color is silver birch.

So welcome spring!  I am so glad to see you again


  1. What a sweet kitty! Cute pic!Love the new blouse and that quilt is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!  I love purples and blues and pinks!

  2. Pretty stuff!!!! Cute kitty cat, I miss having a cat. Love your blouse!!

  3. How fun to make over a bedroom!  The colors on your new quilt look so light and refreshing...very spring!  Your soup looks really good too!

  4. I was going to do a post like this. LOL! I like your bedspread and your funny kitty!

  5. Love your quilt, have fun doing your room over.  Your other purchases look good too.  I actually like the shoes in the picture with the brown capris 

  6. I am laughing so hard! #1 is b/c of the cats tail!!! #2 is b/c the colors you have chosen in that quilt is almost the IDENTICAL colors I have chose for my bathroom!!!!!!!!!!   ROTFL!

  7. Pretty blouse.  It's so much fun to get new pretty things.Wish you could hop on over and enjoy Cali. again.  This was a fun post!!