Monday, March 1, 2010

~~Menu Monday~~

Monday~ Tereaki Chicken and Rice bowls with lots of veggies
Tuesday (2)~  Boys are here!!...Cold sandwiches and chips, leftover chili, Gingerbread snack cake... after airport trip!
Wednesday (3)~ Beef Burritos Grande, homemade chips
Thursday (4)~ Salmon Patties, mashed tots, garlic broccoli, chocolate brownies(#1 son is taking the boys to the city by train for a sightseeing trip.  My manly man will meet the boys for lunch.)
Friday (5)~  Field Trip Day to the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut,  ((Food ?))
Saturday (6)~ Auntie Beth's Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast,  Red Hot Fried Chicken, Collard Greens, Mashed Potatoes, Frog Eye Salad, Dinner Rolls
Sunday (7)~ Barbecued, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Cole Slaw, Fries, Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

Got a few errands to run today.  It's Monday so it's also laundry day. 

I heard that by Sunday it may be 50 degrees around here.  I am looking forward to seeing some spring!

Have a great day friends!  ((Think spring!  Think Spring!  Think Spring!))


  1. trying to think spring! we got snow coming again tonight and tomorrow!!!!!I fixed some GOOD salmon patties Sat. night. I dont like any fish stuff, but I even liked these!! ( i learned a trick!!! instead of using bread crumbs.....i pulsed down some cornbread stuffing the stove top stuffing stuff!! worked great!!! )frog eyed salad!!! i hope it has something to do with olives!!!!

  2. Your pictures of food look yummy!! I am thinking Spring!! I am ready to wear some cute flip flops and be outside alot more!! Your menu looks wonderful!! You do so well with that!! 

  3. @jimsruby - It's actually a fruit salad using a tiny noodle called acini de pepe.  It is a yummy salad.  The cooked noodles are the texture of tapioca...hence frogs eyes...(I guess...I am no expert on frog eyes!  Ha-Ha!)

  4. Your pictures def make me think Spring!  :)

  5. @betheelou - oh...OK. I never would have guessed its a fruit salad!!! lolI love you new site changes!!!

  6. with all the good cooking you do, how do you stay so small?!!!

  7. I think I'm gaining weight just thinking about your wonderful menu. The CG Academy will be fun, also Mystic seaport is not too far from CGA.  Cute shops--probably more for you than the boys.

  8. It is Spring here and absolutely everything is in bloom.  I hope that you get hit with Spring and all of it's beauty.

  9. You're making me hungry! I'm trying to not eat a late snack but......