Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time To Blog!

It's been a busy week for our house!  Lots of pictures to post.  Hope you enjoy them.


Nephews and Nieces...

On the airplane

Early morning in the big city last Thursday the 4th.  Guess who the boys saw outside of the NBC studio?

Apolo Anton Ohno!!

The boys enjoyed sightseeing.
 Times Square, Central Park, Subway System, Museum of Natural History, Trinity Church, Statue of Liberty and so much more.

On Friday we drove to Connecticut and went to the Coast Guard Academy and then had pizza in Mystic, Connecticut.  My new favorite pizza?  Barbecue, chicken and bacon!

The museum at the Coast Guard Academy.

Part of the campus.

Pretty Barn.


On Saturday all the boys hung out together.  The goal they wanted to accomplish...hiking.  My son couldn't find the park... so they went to the mall and goofed around.

Relaxing after going to the mall.  Are these the type of outfits they sell at the mall?

On Sunday we were blessed to hear Nate play trumpet during our hymn singing.  He plays very well.  God was good to bestow that talent to him.

Patch the Pirate also performed Sunday.  Our little blessing didn't know the words...he just moved his mouth in a bad lip sync!  He was still cute and funny!

Monday was a birthday...Josiah turned 16!  He requested eating in...Hamburgers and French Fries and chips and salsa...made by me.  I also made him a Chocolate Tiramisu Cake.

My #2 son has been happier than 'a pig in stink!'  With all these boys around.  He loves having their attention and playing with them.

Yesterday we went to The Military Academy at West Point.  It is a beautiful campus and very...well... Army happy.  I liked the Coast Guard Academy better...but then, maybe I am biased?!!

This class was being held outside.  They were playing with K*Nex toys.  I think they were being tested how well they could read blue prints and follow instructions. 

We found a nice waterfront park on the West Point Campus to run our dog while we waited for the boys to finish their tour.  We are sure enjoying these spring like days with temperatures in the 50's!

Tonight we are off to see a Broadway Show...Wicked!  I'll try to post pictures as I am able.  Tomorrow we are going to see the Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S.C.G. Station,  Kings Point, NY.

Be blessed today!






  1. I enjoyed all your pics! glad you're having a good time, looks like you have some nice nephews!

  2. You have such a wonderful family!!!! What a fun trip!!!! great pictures! :)))

  3. Gal, I was wondering why you hadnt posted! This explains it! You have been one busy gal.   I think EVERYBODY got out and enjoyed this past weekend. Jake had a chance to go to West Point. But didnt. Safe travels and congrats on the celebrity sighting!!!! LOL that was SO NEAT!!!!

  4. I lived in Groton for five years.  Miss the area.  Loved going to Mystic almost weekly.  Loved the shops and outlets of course and the aquarium. 

  5. Wonderful pics! Thanks so much for sharing! I'd been missing you! (((warm hugs)))

  6. Great photos and looks liek everyone is having a good time.  That cake looks yummy.

  7. Oh, I'm so homesick for my New England.  Did you eat at Mystic Pizza?  I loved all your pictures.  How was Wicked?  Look forward to hearing your review.

  8. Thanks for posting these pix. We are so glad Siah and Nate are spending time with you. What wonderful memories you are creating for each other. Love you all.