Friday, March 26, 2010


Outside my window...
It looks outside like I feel today.  Cold and blah.  It's supposed to get cold and windy.  I am enjoying the perky Daffodils and Crocus that I spy when I look outside.  I have a HUGE craving for diggin and weeding and throwing some dirt around.  Maybe after April will be dry enough to get out and work.

I am thankful for... My family.

I am wearing...   Still in my p.j.'s.  Trying to find some motivation this morning.  Oh where, oh where is my coffee refill?

I am praying for... wisdom, for #1 son, praying for the desires of my heart.

I am creating... I think I'll sit around this weekend at this computer and organize some photo's.  I need to put them on cd and then get some prints to fill some photo albums.  In the past I've filled albums according to year.  I am stuck on 2007!

  I am enjoying... Watched a movie with my two children last night...a LOVE story.  It was good.

The Christmas Card

It's a Hallmark movie so it was pretty decent.  They did drink wine.

I want to see this movie tonight.  Sounds like a very touching story.

From my kitchen...
I may change the menu for today.  I am craving a Taco Salad with Doritos chips.  It is something my manly man can eat, minus the chips.

  One of my favorite things... Cozy days
From the learning rooms... Special sounds, 15 minutes, perfecting nice handwriting.  His reading is really coming along.  He is so smart!

  A few plans for the rest of the week... Probably just going to be resting this weekend.  I've got to go out to the store after my shower and get some allergy relief and some throat lozenges. 

Around the house...  It's quiet and warm.
Leaving you with...
((Some blogs to browse))

~ ~Have a GREAT weekend!~ ~


  1. I need to organize my photos, too. I just keep putting it off. Seems like such a huge undertaking!I've been thinking about renting The Blind Side for date night tonight! Looks like it's a really good movie!Hope you get some relief from your allergies. I'm battling it, too. I'm taking Allegra, but my kids take Zyrtec. I get the Walgreen brand and it's just as good as the name brand. Lots cheaper, too!

  2. I want to see that movie too! Need to order it from netflix. Allergies are the pits!!! Feel better. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Beth, hope your allergies get better....I'm dealing with the same thing right now and it's the pits.  You will love The Blind Side, it's a great story!

  4. Christmas card was a sweet movie! Craig and I saw the Blind Side already- very touching! Hope you feel better! Allergies are awful! We have colds around our house. Have a blessed day!

  5. Hope you get some relief, it's been bothering our family members also!

  6. I enjoyed some of the blogs you recommended to browse, I never made buttermilk pie (from sugar pie farmhouse site), think I make one soon! I got a site you might enjoyed., it's a neat site that let's you type any dish and it brings up all the blog that has that recipe and the photography will you make you drool.  Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I already enjoy titus2atthewell...thanks for the recommendations!

  8. Enjoy your weekend.  I hope you're able to get lots done with your photo project.