Sunday, May 23, 2010

~~It's Sunday~~


Outside My Window~  Dreary, rainy but humid.  I AM thankful that the rain REALLY makes the grass green and things in the garden grow!

I am thinking~ I am thinking that I am glad to be home after my few days away.  I'm glad I got to go away with my manly man and #2 son. 

We were discussing a few things in the van on the way to the 'training conference'  I think #2 son is finally realizing  that his big brother is not going to be at home  forever.  He was quite sad.  (And  #1 son hasn't even left home yet!)

From the kitchen~  Sloppy Joe's, oriental cabbage salad and tator tots.  I bought a can of sloppy jo mix from Aldis' it wasn't my favorite.  Now I have a whole crock pot full of ground turkey sloppy joe  mix.  I have to think what I can turn it into that will be more palatable (??). 

I am thankful for~   I am thankful for my home and that it is so...homey.  I missed my bed.   This past week we were on a double bed.  After my California King, the little double seemed so small.

I am wearing~     An orange tee shirt,  straight denim skirt, bare feet but will slip on sandals when it's time to leave for church.

I am creating~   My brain is working.  We are planning to make a surprise visit to the bachelors to clean and organize their apartment.  I'll keep you updated on that at a later time.

I am going~ We have a dentist appointment on Tuesday for #2 son who will be receiving treatment for a cavity between two of his baby molars.

I am reading~  A New Song by Jan Karon... The Mitford Series, Book 5  (I love this series!)

Cover Image

I am praying~ To be a truthful witness... wisdom, for myself, my husband, our Pastor's, our church.

I am hearing~ John Denver's Greatest Hits playing upstairs.  Other than that, it's a pretty quiet afternoon.

Around the house~ Needs a bit of TLC after being gone a week.  I have managed to wash, dry and put away our laundry for the week.

A Few of my favorite things~ Scented Vanilla candles... bubble bath...  hot, fresh, homemade popcorn...reading a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Play date with Alison, Sienna and Ariya on Wednesday.

Something to Share~   Sharing pictures from our week.  Enjoy!


(Thankfully Billy never made an appearance while we were swimming!)




(Yes that is the manly man pretending he is still 17.  He fell and hurt himself pretty bad after this pic was taken.  That is a wave rider where you can boogie board or surf.   He really doesn't do either one very well )








(This last picture was taken yesterday while #2 was helping Dad with his Toyota girlfriend.  He is sure a hard worker!)


  1. What is the Mitford series about? I have heard of a lot of people reading them on xanga.

  2. @fbi_girl95 - It's the life of a small town Episcopalian minister.  It includes a clear plan of salvation in each book.  Humoruos and a good read.

  3. @betheelou - Sounds interesting!..btw I like the first picture of you, your husband and son! Your little boy is so cute!

  4. What beautiful pics! Love the one of your son working! He looks like he's concentrating hard! lol What a cutie!  Hope you're able to figure out how to fix the sloppy joes. We threw out some here. I just could not figure out how to 'fix' it. It was really bad. Hope your MM wasn't hurt too badly! Yikes! I gave up on acting like a 17 yr old years ago. lol  It was just too painful on my old body! ROFL

  5. Pictures are great.  I can see what a wonderful time you had.  

  6. Speaking from experience, #2 son WILL be VERY sad when #1 leaves.  He'll be sad for quite awhile and lonely.  I know, as I had three older siblings leave before me.  But the love that it shows is strong.Love the pictures from your trip!  What a beautiful place and FUN!P.S.  My youngest son is helping his dad on the Jeep right now.  He loves it!

  7. @onehappymomma -  Your #2 and my #2 have similar personalities I think!