Thursday, May 13, 2010

~~It's Thursday~~


~~It's Thursday~~

Outside My Window~  It's cool this morning.  But the sun is shining.  Maybe it will be a nice day.  More rain comes tomorrow. 

 I Am Thankful For~    My job. 

I Am Wearing~  A green robe, my nightshirt...bare toes.  Will be changing soon to a pair of capri's and a short sleeve tee and my tennis shoes.

  On my Prayer List~  Our bachelor friends.  Wisdom.  The future.

I Am Creating~ German Chocolate Cake for my birthday boy.  I think we will make a trip to Sam's Club for a book I spied ~







That book and a nice blue, short sleeved shirt will be his birthday presents.  We may go to dinner and a movie tomorrow night.

I Am Enjoying~ sealedbygrace has been reading and recommending The Mitford Series.  These books have been my chosen reading for over a week.  I have devored three books in the series so far.  What a great read! 

book cover of These High, Green Hills  (Mitford, book 3)byJan Karon

From The Kitchen~   Verticle roasted chicken and spaghetti salad.  A summer type meal!

 From The Learning Room~  Reading, Reading, Reading!  Only a few pages of actual work left!

   I am looking forward to~  Monday morning!!  We'll sleep in a bit and head out to this place.  I think we are going to stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and take our sweet time arriving.  I am looking forward to swimming and leisurely walks by the lake.  I don't think there will be too much activity here as school is still in session in the area and it's during the week.

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Leaving You With~  An easy recipe I saw in a magazine this morning, a couple blogs for you to look into.

...and a website, sign up for their free catalog!  I love the things in there.  (there is a free recipe section on this website also.)


Mom's Casserole

1 lb. ground hamburger, browned and drained

1 pkg. egg noodles (8-16 oz.) cooked just under al-dente and drained

1 can creamed corn

1 can chicken with rice soup, undiluted

1 onion, diced fine

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place ingredients into prepared casserole dish, cover with foil, bake 45 minutes.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing the website and the blogs.  If you are a coffee drinker, you don't know the importance of a good cup of tea.    I am passing on the other blog to my DIL it looked great for homeschoolers.  I love, love, love the stuff from  countrydoor, however some of it seems a bit pricey to me.  But fantastic ideas to be gleaned from it!  Thanks again.

  2. yall have fun and tell hubby Happy Birthday!

  3. If you are seriously done with most of your pages in the Abeka books, I am green with envy!

  4. What's the Milford Series about?

  5. @floridayankees - Life of an episcopalian (sp?) minister in a small town with the plan of salvation included clearly at least once in each book.  It's a good old fashioned decent read.

  6. @floridayankees - Yep...seriously!   I am proud of my student!!  He can read!  A great accomplishment for both student and teacher! 

  7. So glad you're enjoying the series. I have to get back to reading the book I'm on. I just keep getting interrupted. Hopefully, I'll be able to return to it this weekend!

  8. @betheelou - good for you, Hannah Grace is reading well too, we just have worksheets left, and I tend to drive myself silly wanting to finish every last one of them! LOL!