Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Thursday!

Outside My Window~  It is so much cooler today than it was yesterday!  About 25 degrees cooler!  I love this is hoovering around 70, feeling just right. 

I am thinking~ I am thinking and dreaming.  Having dreams for a later date.  What does Beth think about?  This...

and this....

or maybe this color??


 and this... 1997 Dutchmen Duck 801 (If we owned this little guy, we'd mount it on a flat bed trailer and make it a dirt bike hauling, tent trailer.)

From the kitchen~  Hoagies are on the menu.  Not sure if we'll have those.  I was going to make the hoagie buns.  I cooked yesterday expecting company for dinner before church.  My company couldn't make it and my house was so very hot.  I made Spaghetti, green salad and rosemary bread.  I am not wanting to heat the house up again by having the oven on.  I am too lazy to go to the store for buns!

I am thankful for~   My yard.  I am enjoying puttering around the flowers and my small garden.

May ' 10 071

(They may look like weeds but they are supposed to be wildflowers from seed.  The roses to the left and to the right of the feeder are knockout roses.  In two years they should fill most of this bed and be full of flowers.)

I am wearing~     A purple tee with a flower design, green capri's and bare feet with no toe polish!

I am creating~   NOTHING!!

I am going~ Not going anywhere.   I am thankful that piano lessons are almost over for summer break.  We are trying to go see Alison and the girls tomorrow afternoon. 

I am reading~  In This Mountain by Jan Karon... The Mitford Series  I also found the Mitford cookbook at my library!  It has the recipe for the Marmalade Cake!  Wasn't what I was expecting it to look like!  (I love this series!)

May ' 10 069   

I also found another recipe book.  Not sure I have read any of this gals books however.  (Click on the cookbook to take you to her web sight)

May ' 10 070

I am praying~ Just Praying.  Praying for Marie,  April Jo and baby Sam, My Mom and my sister.  Praying for wisdom.  Praying for church.  Praying for the bachelors.

I am hearing~ Sand blasting from the driveway.

Around the house~ My laundry days are messed up from our trip last week.  I did laundry today, Monday is my usual laundry day.

A Few of my favorite things~ Watching movies on my portable dvd player in my california king sized bed with homemade popcorn at my side.  We've been watching this series.  It seems good... maybe not for the little people to watch.

(click on the picture to read a description of this series.)

A few plans for the rest of the week~  Manly man is working all weekend.  I am guessing we'll not see much of him.  Maybe I'll go on a walk along the canal with my boys this weekend.  The bachelors are supposed to be coming over Sunday for a breakfast lunch.

Something to Share~   Sharing pictures from my yard.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to all the veterans who help keep us free!  Praying for their safe return!

May ' 10 073 month earlier

Apr pics '10 014

May ' 10 075

Catnip (above)

May ' 10 074 month earlier

Apr pics '10 013




  1. Didn't know that Jan Karon had a cookbook, hey I want one, lol!!  Can you share the Marmalade Cake recipe, pls, pls, pretty pls?  Clicked on the other cookbook but got an error message, oh well   Yard looks nice, I need to get busy in mine, lol!!  Have a good weekend.

  2. @MotherHen1966 - fixed the link...I'll try to post a few recipes tomorrow.

  3. fun. i love these posts that give us little glimpses into your life and DREAMS! ;) 

  4. OH MAN>>>>>>>>>>>A COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! WHile I was readin yesterday I thought~they need a cook book to go with this series!! WHOOHOOT!Funny you would post pop ups-me and huby had a discussion about them a few nights ago!!!!!!Hetty Wainthropp~ is that the British Comedy gal! Lordy be, I cant think of her name!! (Her sons name is Sheridan) that it?(noticed the Chattanooga!!) lol

  5. @jimsruby - We've always wanted a pop up...talked for 21 years now about getting one.  Just never have.Hetty Wainthropp, yes she also did a comedy series called "Keeping Up Appearances"  I never saw that show.  I do like this mystery series though.  I also really enjoyed Rosemary and Thyme also done by BBC.Yes we've been looking at that style truck on Ebay and Craigs list.  Chattanooga isn't too far to drive to pick one up.  We know folks we could go visit!

  6. We're talking about getting a travel trailer or a motorhome ourselves. Absolutely love the pics! Oooh, can't wait to check out the cookbook! I wondered about her orange marmalade cake and how to make it.

  7. @betheelou - Keeping up Appearances is HILARIOUS!!!!! I thought that looked like her.You most certainly know some people in these neck of the woods!!Hubby has wanted a pop up for hunting. And since we are "almost empty nested" he has talked more of getting one so I can go hunting with him. I can sleep on the ground anymore!!!