Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Monday/ Mother's Day

Menu Monday

Monday~  Looks like summer colds/allergies are affecting #2 son and manly man this morning.  I KNOW #2 will request Hot and Sour Soup to help him 'feel' better.  Maybe I should make some Smoked Turkey Noddle Soup as well.

Tuesday~  Salmon Burgers on homemade buns, french fries, cole slaw

Wednesday~  Chicken Fried Rice with lots of vegetables, spring rolls. 

Thursday~  Vertical Roasted chicken on the barbecue, Spaghetti Salad

Friday~  Manly Man turns 42 today!  We want to go see Iron Man 2...not sure what the meal request will be but he always requests German Chocolate Cake.  I like making German Chocolate cupcakes.

Saturday~  spaghetti squash with chorizo, parmesan zucchini, sliced tomato

Sunday~  Taco's (hard shell) Fish Taco's in corn tortilla's, fresh salsa, fresh chips, homemade guacamole


May ' 10 013

I enjoyed a wonderful drive yesterday, together with my family.  This is the neighborhood of the church in Astoria (Queens), New York that we attended yesterday.  We were blessed and refreshed by the church and the preaching.  After church we drove east and searched for a place to eat lunch and ended up at T.G.I Fridays (not my favorite!)  We were all so hungry we just went to the first place we came to.  We joked that we would see about 15 nicer places to go after we left that restaurant.  Almost right next door was a Cheesecake Factory restaurant!

May ' 10 014

This is a good representation of what we saw the most of.  I was expecting more of a rural area covered in farms.  There were a few farms.  If we had more time, it would be worth it to spend more time exploring the sights.  Traffic eats up so much time around here.  A simple drive of 50 miles may take two hours!  It was also very cold and very windy yesterday.  We didn't venture out to walk on beaches or do any hiking as we were all still dressed for church.

May ' 10 015

(farm ground)

May ' 10 016

(that's an airport for those of you who know my husband will understand why we stopped there!)

May ' 10 018

(Pretty scenery.)

May ' 10 019

May ' 10 020

(these pictures do not do the water color justice.  It was such a pretty turquoise blue!)

May ' 10 021

May ' 10 023

May ' 10 024

May ' 10 027

(Montauk Point Lighthouse)

May ' 10 030

Beautiful Scenery

May ' 10 033

May ' 10 032

May ' 10 034

(Wisteria vines are in full bloom all over this area.  They are so pretty trained as patio covers.  I also saw some growing on the roof of a restaurant.)

That's all for now.  I pray all the Mother's had a great Mother's Day like I did.

~~Have a great day!~~



  1. boys saw Iron Man 2 Friday-they liked it.And my hubby always requests 2 cakes, I can choose which one, but its Hard Icing Cake and German Chocolate!! lolI LOVE that last Wisteria!!!!!!!!!

  2. wonderful!! I love The Cheescake Factory! Looks like you had a great time

  3. Love the pix, they are gorgeous, thanks so much for sharing.  My favorite is also the wisteria!

  4. Beautiful pictures!  I understood what you mean about TGIFriday's, I feel that way about Applebee's as well.  We just watched Iron Man 1 last night for the first time.  I was hoping my boys could watch it but it was a pretty intense PG-13 and I am very square when it comes to that.  The second movie seems to be doing pretty well.  Have a great week!

  5. Oh what beautiful pics! Love the wisteria vines! So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! (((warm hugs)))

  6. What an amazing roof covered in the wisteria! Beautiful place and photos. :)

  7. Enjoyed sharing your drive....oh, that wisteria!