Sunday, May 2, 2010

Super Sunday


I promised a certain young man I would do this post...last Sunday, it totally slipped my mind.  I know of a certain young lady who will enjoy these pictures!

Apr pics '10 018

Last Saturday #1 son was enlisted to help Mom's yard become beautiful.  We have some rotten wood that needed splitting and the wood pile also needed neatening up.  Got all that done... and I snapped a few pictures to memorialize the moment.

Apr pics '10 019

Apr pics '10 020

Apr pics '10 024

Apr pics '10 025

#2 son and I enjoyed some relaxing days this week soaking in our vitamin D supply.  We took a picnic outside Friday for our lunch; crackers and cheese with veggies, dip and ice cold lemonade.

Apr pics '10 026

This is the happy face that greets me most every morning.  Always cheerful and ready to cuddle.  I could lean a thing or two from his disposition. 

Apr pics '10 027


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 


  1. The lemonade looks wonderful!  I love snuggly kids in the morning! =)

  2. ooOOoo...lemonaide!Hercules going at that wood!!!

  3. Great pix. Thanks for sharing.  Now that is my knd of lunch     Who would want to cuddle with a happy boy in the morning!

  4. Awww, love the pics! Your oldest son is handsome.  Looks like a lot of hard work, splittin' all that wood! You're little one looks so sweet!

  5. just wonderful!! I love picnics.. I love cold fresh lemonade on a warm day... thanks for sharing..

  6. The lemonade does look refreshing.  I am looking forward to CA, we are getting super sticky hot weather right now in Texas.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. Sooooo you're not aways cheerful and ready to cuddle??

  8. He's always been such a cuddly bug!  What a sweetie.