Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Thursday!

~~It's Thursday~~

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Outside My Window~  The weather has cleared this morning.  The last two days were rainy and windy.  It looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day today!  I can't wait to go outside and hang out with my tomatoes!

 I Am Thankful For~    The wisdom, protection, and provision of my husband.  I am always amazed to think how the Lord brought us together and thankful HE has kept us together!


I Am Wearing~  A purple robe, my nightshirt...bare toes.  Will be changing soon to a pair of capri's and a short sleeve tee and my tennis shoes.

  On my Prayer List~  Always praying for wisdom.  Praying to be a blessing.

I Am Creating~ Going to finish that jewelery project for my Mom today.  I bought some more sparkles for making watches.  I may assemble a few of those today as well.  

 I Am Enjoying~ A clean house.  A new c.d. some new scented candles. 

From The Kitchen~  Burgers and Fries tonight with homemade onion buns.  I think we'll eat outside because the weather is so nice.

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 From The Learning Room~  Lots of review.  Some new reading practice books.  Not too much left.  We are going to go to the library today.  We'll check out books and work on a few school papers.  About a week of work left...yipee skippy!

  A Few Plans For Next Few Days~   Maybe company for dinner tomorrow maybe not.  Grilled salmon for dinner no matter what. 

Blogs to Pursue~

Leaving You With~ 

Apr pics '10 013

Another picture of my garden!  It's basically a salsa peppers...tomatoes... with lettuce stuck in there...blooming flowers to attract another area, cilantro.  I still need to plant a zucchini and a cucumber.  I had them last year.  The zucchini never fruited the cucumber was refreshing so I'll try again this year.

~~ Have a great weekend! ~~


  1. The onion buns look so yummy!  Recipe?? What a GREAT idea to use an ole child's swimming pool and sandbox for your garden!!!!!  You're brilliant!    Do you just drill some holes in the bottom?  I'm completely intrigued and excited!!   Have a beautifully blessed day.

  2. Your garden looks wonderful!What reading books are you using? we have read all of the bob books and I am always looking for more...practice, lots of practice for Ryan! :)

  3. Looks so wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!! 

  4. What a sweet post!  Love the pictures to go along with your day postings.  I'm with momidized...recipe please!

  5. @momidazed - @LisaLynn66 - I'll try do post a recipe on Tuesday for buns.

  6. So impressed with your garden! Do you have rabbits bothering it? We are facing a new problem....mommy and daddy rabbit with five babies running around in our garden! Thanks so very much for sharing the recipe blogs - I especially enjoyed "blessusolord."

  7. @LisaLynn66 - @momidazed - Check out today's post for a recipe on the buns.  Have you checked out my sisters blog?  She has recently posted her recipe for hambuger buns too! - SQUIRRELS bothered only my lettuce last year.  Shorlty after I did this post my husband noticed deer prints in our front yard near some new dirt he just seeded with grass.  I looked yesterday at my new plantings in my front yard flower bed, the centers are missing from my marigolds and from the center of a plant called "stock"  deer resistant as it said on the label.  I am still laughing at that!  Our backyard has stayed clear of deer...I think because of the fence and the dog.

  8. @momidazed - Yes there are holes, large ones, drilled in the bottom of both of those.  And it's dirt from the garden center filling the insides.  The green sand box was free at the side of the road.  The pool was on clearance two years ago for 5 bucks.  It was wore out.  When we get ready to move we'll just empty the dirt and spread the dirt in a low spot in the yard near those 'gardens'.Last year I grew tomaotoes, zucchini, mint and cucumber in my front flower bed.  We've since had a termite treatment and our guy said not to grow anything edible in those flower beds for the next 10 years!!