Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday :-)



Apr pics '10 001  

Outside My Window~  It's been so beautiful outside!  I've been MIA from inside things in favor of being outside getting some yardwork done.  I love it.  It's been the perfect temperature.  The trees are almost completely full of leaves...chasing all my memories of winter away!  I've worked in the yard the past three days.  We bought a load of dirt.  I turned over flower beds, hauled fresh dirt, purchased bedding plants and started my garden.

Apr pics '10 005

This is my helper hauling dirt to fill low spots in the yard.

Apr pics '10 004

I Am Thankful For~   I am thankful that I can accomplish most anything I set my mind to do!

Apr pics '10 007

I Am Wearing~  After coming inside a few hours ago, I took some advil, soaked in a hot bath and watched a show with the boys.  I'm all set to find something sweet in the cupboard and go crawl in my bed for the next few hours.

Apr pics '10 009  

My Garden!

Apr pics '10 013

I Am Praying~  Praying still for wisdom.  Something I cannot share.  We're not sure how to approach the subject and praying if we should or if we should just let it ride.

I Am Creating~  Besides working in the flower beds I did a bit of jewelery for my Mom.  She doesn't have pierced ears.  I need to go to the other craft store and see If I can find a different type of clip earring back for making dangling earrings My favorite jewelery making is doing the watches.  I love putting those together.  So far I've only shared them with chosen special folks and not sold any.  I did show this craft to a lady at church (Maggie's Mom... a.k.a. #1 son's girlfriends Mom) and she has been making watches for almost a year and given them to many, many ladies here and beyond!

Apr pics '10 015 (for Mom on right)

Apr pics '10 016

Some of the watches I've made.

Apr pics '10 017

I Am Enjoying~  A mystery awaits me on bedside table.

From The Kitchen~  My manly man has been working the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall the past three nights.  No fancy dinners for us.  He took us to Fuddruckers for lunch.  He is off his diet!  Praise the Lord!  He did his weigh in this morning and passed the requirement!

Apr pics '10 008

From The Learning Room~  Only did one day of school this week.  We did outside work.  He has his own flower bed.  I taught him how to transplant his own flowers to his bed.  He is such a hard worker!

Apr pics '10 006 

Apr pics '10 011

(This is #2 son's flower bed.  He helped me haul all those rocks for the border in that yellow truck!)

Around The House~ Our big dog, Sierra goes home sometime this weekend.  She has been here for two weeks.  I think it's safe to say, she LOVES it here.  She is almost trained the way we like her.  She is still trying to use her size to bully herself around.  Sierra 'smiles' a lot.  When she goes home I will do a major cleaning.  Everything is dirty.  The stairs, the floors, the rug beside my bed, a spot on the rug behind the couch... oh my!

Apr pics '10 001

Apr pics '10 010

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week~   Tomorrow I will be assembling my split pea and Ham soup for our Sunday Supper.  I found a recipe in my Quick Cooking magazine to day for a Upside Down Berry Cake that sounds pretty tasty.  I will make the cake tomorrow also.  Maybe I'll post the recipe tomorrow as well.  Our family is one of about 15 specials at church Sunday night for Sunday Night Sing Under the Stars...(I think it's going to rain so it will probably be inside! )  Pray for us as we sing.  We get a bit nervous!

Apr pics '10 012  

  Leaving You With~  Have you visited my main page lately?  It's got links to some blogs I like.  ((I need to update a couple of those links...yikes)

Also links to take you to the pages where I have some recipes.  (I need to update those as well!)

Apr pics '10 014

~~ Have a great weekend! ~~


  1. Hi Beth! Your yard is gorgeous, so green! You can come do some magic in my yard ANYtime you want! It's all dirt, so that gives you a clean canvas. Wait. That doesn't make sense! The upside down berry cake sounds yummy. If you love it, DO post the recipe! The jewelry is pretty; I am drawn to the green one with the rectangle watch. My computer is green, my cell phone is green, my keychain has green beads... So, I hope you have a great weekend and that your body doesn't ache too badly from all that yardwork!

  2. Yard looks great.  Love the watches......are we picking favorites, mine would be 3rd from left on the top.       Will pray.  Hey, who doesn't love Fuddruckers?????!!!!!!

  3. It has been nice outside here too, but today it's raining.  Your yard looks like it's very big with all those pretty tall trees!  We tilled our gardens last weekend, but can't plant yet, it's still a little early around here.  Two more weeks, then I'll plant flowers!!!  The garden, about another 3-4 weeks.  The upside down berry cake sounds really good, would you mind posting the recipe?  Hope you have a good weekend! =)

  4. Oh yeah, your watches are very cute too!  I like all the color in them.

  5. Absolutely love the landscaping you've done!  Beautiful! And those watches! Lady, you are soo talented. How much do you charge for them!?!  I'd love to buy one! (seriously!)  Bottom one in center is my favorite. Looks like blue or purple. I love both colors, so either way it would be great.