Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Thursday!

(happy dogs this morning!)

It's Thursday!

Outside My Window~  Another beautiful day.  Some rain expected tomorrow.  I wanted to go to a park with Alison and her girls tomorrow.  Not sure we'll be able to do that

I Am Thankful For~  I am thankful that I am able to stay home and minister to my family.  I have a great job!

I Am Wearing~  I'm in my p.j.s so far.  I think the oak pollen is really getting to me.  Last night my throat itched.  That feels so wierd!  #2 son is also feeling the effects of something.  He has a huge cold sore on his lip.  I was tired yesterday and today.  I did get dressed yesterday.

I Am Praying~  For wisdom and guidance for our family.  For wisdom for our pastors.  For the desires of my heart.

I Am Creating~  I'm making some jewlery for my Mom.  I need to start taking the cd's to Wal Mart and have pictures made.  I'd like to put peel and stick tile down in the kitchen.  I'm not really sure if I want to invest the time into that project...this is not my house after all.  But it would sure make a beautiful difference.

I Am Enjoying~  Not so many good mysteries lately.  No recommendations there.  But I will be watching this soon~

It's a t.v series based on the Lucy Maud Montgomery books about Prince Edward Island and orphans.

From The Kitchen~  Tonight may be a deviation from the menu.  I have a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse.  I will combine this night out with a trip to Sam's Club.

From The Learning Room~  I was looking at papers left to finish...maybe about 14 days to go!!  He still needs to finish his reading books and get lots of reading practice.  The other men in the house maybe enlisted to be listeners of the reader!

Around The House~ I am smelling a cherry air freshner and cinnamon candle.  It's helping to cover the 'big wet dog smell!'    I organized my wall in the garage on Saturday.  It looks ready for fire pit season, gardens and grilling!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week~   It's "I love my church Sunday"  this Sunday at our church.  I have been recruited to make 100 cookies and put them in bags of two.  I think I'll make gingerbread hearts and either a potato chip cookie or a double,chocolate chunk cookie.  I will shortly be heading out to Aldi's for a stock up of groceries!
Leaving You With~  This verse is on my mind this morning.  Praying for all my xanga friends, my church family, my family, and others.

"...the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."  James 5:16b

~~ Have a great weekend! ~~


  1. you need to posts some pics of your jewelry!

  2. I love your Thurs. posts.  I have always said that if it makes a difference to you and you love the look, then you should do it.  It may not be your house, but you are living there and you see it every day .  I say "GO FOR IT!"  You have no idea how many peel and stick tiles we put down in renals we lived in!

  3. I agree! I'd love to see pics of the jewelry you make! Do you sell it? Peel and stick is pretty simple to put down. I just don't like the fact that it doesn't stay very well. It generally tears up pretty quickly. I wish I could have tile in the kitchen and the bathroom! Outback Steakhouse sounds wonderful! There's nothing like eating out! No dishes, no messes and you don't have to get up and cook!

  4. @SealedbyGrace - I'll try post pics of what I've made.  Have you seen the pics of the watches I've done?  Those are what I prefer to do.  I've also made brooches and had fun with that.  Mom just sent me a pendant to add a chain too.  Then when I was browsing the craft store,  I found another to make a pendant with and make her a pair of clip on earrings.  She had found some tiny crosses she wanted earring made of but I can't find the right type of clip in ear backs for the crosses.  I'll try to get some pics going of those!

  5. Now those are happy puppers and sounds like you are having a good day despite the pollen.

  6. I "love" the way you did this post ...l  would you mind if I were to borrow it for mine sometime?  I mean, the  "From my Window" and your different little topics, love it and it's so - well, kind of like a letter from a friend is what I felt when reading it.  Have a nice Friday!    

  7. Yes, post pictures of your jewelry! I love tthat verse in James; I often pray fervently for my xanga friends along with everyone else. What a blessing to be able to do that; NObody can take that away from us!

  8. @Richgem - Look at that new profile pic.  I LOVE IT!!  What a beautiful picture!  Thanks you for the sweet comments!

  9. @Jennelle - Yes please feel free to copy this form.  I am friends with another gal who does one similar to you for stopping by.  I hope you receive a blessing from being friends with me!