Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Menu On Tuesday

Sick PC Computer with Ice Pack and Thermometer clipart

I'm back!  We took our computer into the "Geek Squad"  they were unable to find the problem but gave my manly man some tips on what might have been the problem.  He messed around with the computer a bit and it 'seems' to be working fine.  

I have a ton of Ham leftover from Easter that I froze.  I'd like to make a split pea soup...yummy.  I'm craving a good batch of spaghetti too!


Monday~  Grilled steak, potato salad, baked beans
Tuesday~  Chicken pasta, green beans, pear salad
Wednesday~ Spaghetti, rosemary bread, green salad
Thursday~ Taco's
Friday~ Homemade Pizza and Cokes
Saturday~  Creamy Chicken Salad over a bed of greens
Sunday~  Parmesean Fish Bake, Rice Roni, Baked zucchini with garlic and parmesean, cottage cheese and fruit

This week is payday.  I need to go down to Sam's Club and get some meat.  I'll check out strawberries as well and make some more freezer jam.

Have a great day!


  1. wanting to make freezer jam here also!!!

  2. Love split pea and ham soup.  Will, not so much.     Love spaghetti but GF spaghetti not so much!  Would love a plate of spaghetti and garlic cheese bread,  mmmmmmm

  3. Have I told you how much I enjoy your menu posts...you give me such good ideas.Thanks for the sweet note, I'm so glad to have a good friend like you.  Did you see the March issue of Country Living?  I was reading it last night and did a little squeal when I saw an article on Petaluma.  Wish you could come over for a visit and we could go to some antique shops.