Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Saturday

My Patient.  He is recovering nicely.  He's already eaten this morning and taken his pain medication.  He is very sore this morning.

Swelling is not to bad yet.  Bruising hasn't shown up yet either.

Watching movies together on brothers bed.

My buffet was decorated for my birthday.  What a pleasant scene!


  1. Maybe it he won't have sweeling or bruising.   I love the buffet, too cute!

  2. Owie!  My Kay went through the wisdom tooth removal (4) in January.  She got really really tired of eating soft foods,lol.  Her mouth is  so small that the swelling practically prevented her opening her jaws at all.  But she had very little pain otherwise.  Hope your patient has a quick recovery.And Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Love the buffet pic! So sweet!   Prayin' for your son to feel better quickly! That can be so miserable! I absolutely love the pic of them watching movies on the bed together. That is soo sweet!Hope you had an awesome birthday! Belated birthday wishes!